Premature ejaculation refers to ejaculation occurring too quickly, often before or soon after penetration.

Anxiety, psychological factors or penis sensitive are the most common causes.

Most men can benefit from behavioral therapy, which includes strategies to delay ejaculation.

A relationship can be strained by premature ejaculation.

Experts believe that premature ejaculation can be caused by anxiety or psychological reasons. Some experts believe it is due to an increased penis sensitivity. The problem can be made worse by having sex less often than you want. Although premature ejaculation can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as inflammation of the prostate, an overactive thyroid, or a nervous system disorder, it is rare.

Premature ejaculation treatment

Behavioral therapy

Many men can overcome this disorder with behavioral therapy. The therapist offers reassurance and explains why premature ejaculation occurs. He also teaches men strategies to delay ejaculation.

Medication or food supplementation

You can also try to delay ejaculation by using medication or food supplementation. Ejaculation can be delayed by local treatments that reduce sensitivity such as condom use or application of a local anesthetic on the penis. Sometimes, a combination therapy of medication and behavioral therapy is necessary. Psychotherapy can be useful if premature ejaculation occurs due to serious psychological problems.

Learn to delay ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is often treated with two methods. These techniques can also be used to reduce anxiety which can often be aggravating. The techniques train men to achieve high levels of arousal, without the need for ejaculating. Both methods involve stimulation of the penis by a partner or self-stimulation (during masturbation). Stimulation is done first manually, and then later during or before intercourse.

The stop-start technique stops stimulation. The compression technique involves men compressing the area of the penis that meets the corpora Cavernosa of their penis. This prevents ejaculation, and reduces the strength of erection. Both techniques allow stimulation to resume within 30 seconds. Over 95% of men can delay ejaculation for 5-10 minutes with practice.

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