For the past 50 years the improvements in acne management have been moving at a snails pace. Never considering the enormous impact this dreaded illness has on those people who are coping with it. Nor the fact it is not a general condition but a special problem for each person. Although there are certain known basics to the reason for acne there are many factors that contribute to acne that must be considered before determining if a remedy will succeed.

Let’s understand it

What are the additional contributing factors to acne that aren’t being taken into account with past remedies? Needless to say, there are quite a few other affected health areas to each of these factors but our concern is strictly to what extent these different elements cause acne infestation. First, it is going to be required to see the world of germs before we can realize what’s happening. This world is beyond miniature.

If you piled a million bacteria on top of each other you still wouldn’t be able to see them with your naked eye. So the acne world we are going to enter can only be seen through our internal vision. This teeny tiny little world is continually in violent struggle, though totally elusive to our understanding in everyday life. As we enter this microscopic world let us take a moment and consider how a pimple grows. A fundamental environment for disease must exist.

Keep in mind

These are (1) a hungry bacteria, (2) a food source (3) protection against the enemy. Propionibacterium Acnes (hungry bacteria) thrives on the components in our sebum (skin oils) while seated deep within the sebaceous gland (protected area) away from oxygen (the enemy) which would normally ruin it.

So enjoy all germs the acne bacteria is looking for a dark protected area with a food source and our skin pores would be the ideal home. The only thing needed is a door to enter. This is where your skin oils become involved. When the skin oils push until the surface to lubricate the skin they induce the pores to open. Okay . . You finally have a happy resident bacteria enjoying a plate full of delicious skin oils. With this happy home it just makes sense to construct a family.


So the bacteria begins to divide and conquer until the household size eventually reaches a point where it becomes a noticeable invader into the neighborhood. This intrusion is noticed from the”neighborhood watch group” that calls the safety department. Immediately the strong defending forces (mega-millions of white cells) are sent to the occupied area to oust the intruders. A enormous battle starts that kills millions of those defenders producing a gigantic battle of dead defenders (white cells) which begins to pile up (inflammation) and finally sky scrapes to a mound (pus/whitehead).

The bigger the Propionibacterium Acnes household becomes noticed the larger the conflict and the more acute the size of the graveyard mound (pimple). But this is no ordinary bacteria family that we’ve encountered. Its ancestors have built many communities and have discovered ways to prevent and defeat the white mobile defenders weapons (through immunity) making the battle last much longer as the body tries to develop newer weapons (antibodies).

Because the germs ancestors have been around for a long time they’ve learned to defeat a enormous assortment of different defender weapons such as antibiotics, acidics and even physical removal by abrasion. So now this resistant bacteria family continues to grow as it evolves into new communities where food supply is abundant (pores all over the body and face ). As the growth and immune power continues to increase you get a enormous acne infection that has taken over with nothing successful from all of the ancient remedies of the previous years.

Immune system

Your defending army has lost the battle due to its outdated weapons (antibodies) but continues to fight which generates an increasing number of graveyards (pimples) in defeat. Still your powerful guardian’s battle on, while waiting for newer designed weapons against those complex bacterial enemies. Unfortunately no new powerful weapons are coming. Because for the past 40 years that the pros who are suppose to be exploring and developing more advanced weapons (doctors/research labs) have decided to keep on using the identical old weapons that have already proven to strengthen the enemy during immunity.

Which has put us exactly where we are now. Repeatedly visiting costly doctors (dermatologist) and trying all of the worn-out remedies which everybody else has given up on. But wait. The simple fact is a number of the overlooked remedies previously may well be the contemporary acne weapons of now. As the old saying goes,”you can not see the forest for the trees”. What the medical profession is starting to realize lately is that in most situations nature has its own method of handling our health if given the correct amount of time to do so.

Which means that previous experience is now demonstrating that a good deal of the unnecessary drugs of yesteryear have crippled our body’s present ability to take care of illnesses that would happen to be overcome by built up antibodies. But due to the medication interventions the body didn’t construct these antibodies. The same holds for acne. Multiple antibiotic and medications may temporarily interfere with acne but in doing this interferes with the bodies natural defense creation which makes the acne bacteria stronger through immunity whilst causing our natural immunity antibodies to become poorer.

What to do?

So where do we go from here? Do we simply stop using any remedies and allow the body take care of things. But there’s somewhat more we can do to help accelerate the body in creating defenses against different health problems, including acne. Nature has provided us with a few exceptional tools to assist in defense. Ingredients in grains, meats and fruits all give our body natural fighting tools. Our normal water offers a way of eliminating toxin buildup in the body and secure elimination of several skin germs that travel in air born dust and debris. And the oxygen in our atmosphere delivers the best in bacteria (and virus) destruction.

Add to this a certain amount of common sense appropriate rest and you’ve pretty much finished true natural healing potential. Each of them are within your control. And many can be improved for greater effect. Eliminating saturated fats and consuming more nuts/grains will help your liver to equilibrium that is the one sure fire organ which affects your skin oil production. Daily water intake is the only way to keep a cleansed system and prevent toxin (body waste) buildup. Inadequate water consumption will leave inner dead cell tissue, bacteria and other toxic chemicals to build up in the body that overburdens the efficacy of body organs.

Good to know

Regular washing/bathing is vital to get rid of dead skin cells and in discarding daily exposure to various chemicals and germs. However it is very important to see that harsh chemical soaps and detergent remove your natural skin oils which provide needed moisture and protection. This is particularly important if it comes to the exposed facial region. Removal of those protective oils can cause the body to boost skin oil production to assure continued protection of the face and to prevent breakage of the vulnerable skin.

This means more open skin pores that allows for more acne bacteria invasion. If you noticed at the beginning if we were describing the 3 chief conditions required for a pimple to form, you may recall a secure hiding place in the enemy was among those three requirements. And who was that highly effective acne bacteria enemy? The best feature that oxygen provides alongside its immediate need by living tissue is that it limits the life span of virus and bacteria.

The greater the content of oxygen the faster these bacteria die. And because oxygen doesn’t activate the immune system in bacteria its capability to destroy bacteria makes it one of the greatest potential choices for ruining and controlling the Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria that causes acne breakouts. Many studies have proven the value of proper sleep is supreme in great health. But just as significant is that the body uses this superior rest period to construct new cells and to do most of its recovery.

Final note

Making your sleep period among the most crucial times for eliminating and fixing acne damage to your skin. As it is easy to see, the remedies of old are no longer the best way to attack your acne issues. 21st century thinking has evolved to the point of using more understanding and less medicines. All the numerous treatments with potentially harmful chemicals which were used before for temporary control of acne breakouts are just creating stronger immune acne bacteria. Developing healthy lifestyle habits and with at least safe remedial assistance won’t only give you greater long-term acne management but will also limit your risk of creating even worse acne issues and long term potentially harmful side effects. Acidic’s, antibiotics, pills, potions and enormous chemical compounds. None of them are going to do anything but increase your acne problem and harm your overall skin health. So stop using obsolete acne remedies. They did not work for the parents and they’re not likely to work for you.