I get many emails requesting me to pray for the cure for cancer and constantly see people doing sponsored events to raise funds for research to find the cure. But, do we not already know what’the cure’ is? Apparently everyone has cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells in their body and the body’s immune system disposes of those naturally.

Immune system

It’s only when the immune system is down the body is not able to fight and eliminate those cells they start to multiply into a detectable level. The malignant cells won’t appear in tests until they’ve multiplied to a number of billion and if a doctor tells a patient that they no longer have cancer, it simply means that they’ve gone back down to below the level of detection. It’s for this exact same reason that, when carrying out operation, physicians often find more cancer than they anticipated from what was seen on Xrays and MRIs – because there were cancer cells in different regions of the body which were still under the detectable rate.

The best alternative of course would be to attempt and stop the cancer cells from multiplying in the first place by maintaining our immune system strong and I will be taking a look at the various ways that to do this. Even if you were diagnosed with cancer you can use this as an added weapon (as a way of supplementing medical treatment you’re getting already and not as a replacement ). Our immune system goes down if we have nutrient deficiencies, which is hereditary, as a result of environmental factors, lack of good nutrition in our daily diet and other lifestyle variables.

Take note

Firstly we should take a good look at our diet – be sure we’re eating the proper foods, getting enough nutrients and using supplements for whatever that our daily diet may be lacking. You may speak to your physician, a nutritionist or do a little research on the internet to be certain that you are eating enough from every food group. Also, eating 4-5 small meals a day is supposed to be healthier than 2-3 bigger meals as it keeps our metabolism running throughout the day and our bodies will be provided with a steady stream of nutrients.

Get acquainted with the superfoods (so called due to their high nutritional value) and try to include as many of them as possible in your daily diet. These include: broccoli, spinach, blueberries, fatty fish, sweet potatoes, garlic, cocoa, walnuts and some other foods containing lycopene e.g. berries, watermelon, carrots, etc.. Do some reading up on this topic and find those you prefer and will enjoy eating frequently.

Did you know?

Cancer seemingly thrives in an acid environment and thus it’s ideal to avoid a lot of meat. Some animals are fed growth hormones and antibiotics, and could also have parasites, which can be dangerous and especially to individuals already suffering from cancer. Meat protein is also more difficult to digest and the undigested meat staying in the intestines becomes putrefied, resulting in more toxic build-up. Fish and a small chicken are regarded as the best recommendation. In addition to meat products, research indicates that the following are also foods to be avoided: fried, fried foods like fries and chips (these contain the compound, acryl amide – a likely carcinogen); smoked and pickled foods; polyunsaturated and polyunsaturated fats; sodas; refined sugar and artificial sweeteners; and milk.


It’s extremely important to receive your four servings of fruit daily (and naturally, do not overlook your five servings of veggies!) . Fruit should always be consumed on an empty stomach and drinking a glass or smoothie of fruit juice is an exceptional beginning to the day. When heating any foods, avoid using plastic containers or heating foods with plastic covering. Also, do not drink from plastic water bottles which have been in the freezer. Any plastics exposed to excessive heat or excessive cold temperatures are considered to create cancer causing carcinogens.

You should also try to prevent too much coffee and tea as a result of high caffeine content, and you need to try substituting them occasionally with green tea, which is an superb anti-oxidant. You will find several other lifestyle factors, of course, which may raise your risk of cancer. It goes without saying that smoking and excessive drinking should be avoided since they rob the body of essential nutrients. You should also ensure that you exercise and do some deep breathing every day – cancer cells can’t survive in an oxygenated environment.


Avoid using tanning beds or using over-exposure into sunlight as this increases your chances of developing skin cancer. Also, be certain you aren’t being exposed to any harmful substances, chemicals or gases – in your house or work environment. Last, but not least, bear in mind that cancer is a disease of the mind, body and soul. It is said that a positive, proactive person is not as likely to have cancer than an angry, bitter and unforgiving person. Learn how to let go of past hurts and do not let yourself become too stressed.

Doctors have been noticing for several years that many patients are being diagnosed with cancer after going through periods of prolonged stress. So learn how to take life in your stride and live each day like it is your very last. On saying that, I need to say that I understand some superb and positive characters that have developed cancer. There are no set rules. It’s just like the 30 year old, who’s never smoked a day in his life dying of lung cancer or somebody who drinks and smokes every day of their life, yet dies peacefully in their sleep at age 96!

Final note

Maybe because they retained their immune systems strong in different ways? To summarize, I’d say that we have’the cure’: make sure that you keep your immune system strong. These cells will happen in your body anyway and you need to keep the body strong and healthy so as to manage them naturally. Have a think about every part of your diet, your lifestyle and your psychological health. I believe that the gain in the amount of a cancer cases in recent years is a result of the foods we’re currently eating and modern day stress.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a hamburger and fries every now and again or the odd can of cola or sit out in sunlight. All of us have stress at some stage in our lives also. Everything in moderation is the key. Find ways that you can strengthen your immune system and keep it strong so that those cancer cells are constantly kept at a minimum so that they can be disposed of naturally by your body, and that you’re not setting up an environment for them that enables them to flourish and mutate.