Guggulu, commonly called guggul in Hindi language, is quite important and dependable herb in ayurvedic system of medicine. It’s an important content of quite famous ayurvedic classical medications like yograj guggulu, kaishore guggul, triphala guggul, chandraprabha vati, arogyavardhani vati etc


It finds its use in nearly every sort of illness as a result of the miraculous treating power. Commiphora mukul, biological title of guggulu or Indian bedellium as in English language, is a little shrub or a tree, which reaches a maximum of 4 – 6 feet in height. It bears thorns on its branches. It have small leaves those very much like that of a neem tree. Its blossoms are of red in color and bears fruit which are oval in shape and pulpy in character.

Guggulu is the gum resin which has been excreted by bark of this plant. It’s usually found everywhere in India. Guggulu is an ushan virya herb i.e. it’s sexy potency, therefore has a killer instinct of these diseases cause by vata dosha prominence. But its effects can also be seen in curbing all of the three aggravated dosha therefore it functions as tridosha suppressant.

Let’s understand it

Guggulu understands these properties as it comprises tickt and katu rasa. In chemical composition guggulu (extracted resin) consist of octanordammarana terpenes manusumbionic acid and manusumbinone as obtained from chemical analysis. Guggulu is only used after purification (shudhikar) in milk; it shouldn’t be utilized in raw form. As mentioned previously guggulu is indicated in several ailments.

  • Guggulu is very frequently used as an anti inflammatory and pain relieving herb by Indian herbal physicians, as it’s ushan virya in potency thereby have the power of curbing vata that’s pain causing factor.
  • It’s been very dominantly utilised in arthritic pains. Additionally, it possesses the property that aids in reversing the degenerative changes which has happened in bones and joint. It aids in relieving pain and swelling. Due this property is also considered in strengthening nervous system of the body.
  • Guggulu is commonly used in skin diseases since it functions as blood purifier. It boosts the production of red blood corpuscles (RBC) and boosts the activity of white blood corpuscles (WBC), which can be useful in fighting against any sort of infections. Guggulu is also famous for enhancing our immune system. Good results are observed in leprosy and psoriasis.
  • Guggulu is seen as ayurvedic antibiotic and is used in infectious diseases with terrific results.
  • Guggulu finds its application in issues related to heart. Great results are seen in people who suffer from high cholesterol levels. Significant lowering in blood glucose levels has been reported by routine use of guggulu. It aids in keeping LDL and HDL levels in blood in normal limits.
  • Guggulu has properties, which can be indicated in hypertension. It assists in lowering blood pressure levels and assists in keeping it to normal levels.
  • A fantastic result has also been observed in reducing fat levels from body. As guggulu is ushan virya in land and contains well penetrating power due to tickt and katu rasa, gives it the property which may really help in obesity-realated issues. Ayurvedic physicians have used it as anti obesity agent since centuries.
  • It also works in strengthening our digestive system, helps in simple secretions of digestive juices, works as appetizer, prevents constipation and indigestion, also beneficial in hemorrhoids and colitis. It’s beneficial in relieving from hyperacidity and belching. Good results also have been observed in liver related issues.
  • Guggulu can also be seen helpful in upper respiratory tract disease. It functions as expectorant by assisting in curbing kapha dosha, that’s the major culprit in causing wet cough. Benefits can also be seen in asthmatic problems.
  • A great benefit was seen in patients suffering from renal calculi. It functions as diuretic and also aids in beating the calculus thereby relieving and healing somebody from renal stones.
  • Gargles performed by guggulu water (guggulu dissolved in water) are widely utilised in tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, upper respiratory tract infection, throat irritation, pharyngitis and stomatitis.
  • It’s been seen that by routine use of guggulu can help in improving sexual ability and sperm count. Additionally, it assists in improving semen quality. Therefore also functions as aphrodisiac.
  • Menstrual disturbances and painful menses are just another disorder where guggulu gives wonderful results and has been a part of several classical ayurvedic medicines.
  • Guggulu also functions as rasayan i.e. utilized in boosting youthnesss with longitivity. This is the reason it’s the component of well-known rasayan called Chawanprash.