A Poor Immune System Directly Relates to Your Success! The discipline necessary to construct Real Wealth should also be applied to construct Real Health. Health is an achievement associated with lifestyle. To enjoy Health we have to possess a Healthy Immune System that is our first line of defense. It’s a network of organs and cells functioning to control invaders which constantly threaten our health.

Immune Defenses

These normally co-exist peacefully inside the body. When foreign organisms called Antigens are detected, alert signals are sent to prepare the system for conflict. The secret is that the Immune System’s dynamic communications system of White Blood Cells known as Leukocytes. Different WBC’s do different tasks, from patrolling to early warning to hunter-destroyer into the clean up team. Millions of Leukocytes arrange into businesses and groups and relay messages such as swarming bees. The WBC’s engulf, neutralize and eliminate germs which could be germs, bacteria or foreign chemicals.

White Blood Cells are created in regions of the body like bone marrow the thymus and the spleen. Up to 40 percent of the Immune System is found in the digestive tract, the gastro intestinal tract. A sick G.I. tract means a Weakened Immune System which invites many allergies, diseases and immune deficiencies. Can you find the significance of your bones aside from needing them to sit or walk or throw a ball? The Top diseases in the Western World are three C’s, Cancer, Coronary Occlusion (heart attack) and Cerebral Occlusion (stroke). For the first time we’re seeing degenerative diseases in our children!

But why?

Why are people so ill now? Every time we eat dead foods such as processed sugar, tainted meat, and processed carbohydrates comprising essential nutrients, we overwhelm our immune system and congest the G.I.tract setting up Auto-toxic problems. The absolutely worst thing to happen to a military is for it is destroyer soldiers to be pumped out. Yet this is just what occurs when glucose enters the blood stream.

The higher the sugar levels the more the invading bacteria can proliferate while at exactly the exact same time the warrior WBC’s get lethargic and not able to battle like so many drunken soldiers! Regardless of what condition, building your immune system will ease or even eliminate many health conditions. Thirty years experience Lifestyle Counselor. Preventive medicine specialist, quality, healthy living. It’s very important to include wealth, joy and health to actually enjoy life fully. GoChi is the best Immune Builder I’ve ever found. I endorse it and the chance.