Humans are no different from other creatures in the way we’re aware of danger. Our body answers all go onto awake and all our perceptions our heightened. The similarity ends there. When the animal senses the threat has passed, it provides a shudder or shake, and sparks the degeneration of the adrenalin surge.


Humans have become numbed to the feeling of their danger passing, they don’t necessarily discharge the adrenalin surge, and sometimes stay in the state of active awake indefinitely. Our body can’t survive forever in this condition and we eventually deplete our adrenals, and fall through fatigue. We’re the only mammal that doesn’t abort a foetus once we experience trauma. The rest of the pregnant mammals will abort when they become traumatised.

Human infants are the only ones who are born already traumatised. Smoking, alcohol, nutritional or environmental toxicity entering through the umbilical cord will lead to shock and overstimulation into the foetus. We’re born on active awake, we’re born already residing in the sympathetic manner of the nervous system.

Nervous system

We’ve got an autonomic nervous system that runs through the spine from the mind connecting it to all parts of the body. Messages are sent via nerves through the nerves into the brain center and that need is immediately responded to. If it’s a conscious need, like the need to eat, make a phone call, or have a walk, we’re activating the sympathetic nervous system. It takes a conscious energy. If the requirement is a natural body function, like digesting food, breathing along with the countless inner functions that occur every day in our body without our knowledge, this is the parasympathetic nervous system.

For our body to function optimally we will need to get a balanced autonomic nervous system. That means a perfect balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic in which the sympathetic only activates when called for. If we’re performing in sympathetic manner, our parasympathetic nervous system is taking a break, and once we want our body to work in parasympathetic mode we give our sympathetic nervous system a break.

Calm vs Chaos

If we’re living calm lives and are at peace with ourselves this can occur naturally. However, the majority of us are living our undischarged trauma patterns which cause us to reside in sympathetic mode all the time, undermining the vitally important job of the parasympathetic. Imagine a life in sympathetic mode. Either we’re on active alert, always watching for danger, or we’ve become numb and trapped. How many people do we know who are just like this? So many children are described as hyperactive, they’re allergic to many foods, they’re bored and disruptive and they need constant stimulation.

Adults have high powered jobs that give them continuous surges of adrenalin, which excites them. They become addicted to such adrenal surges and can only operate under extreme pressure. When they get home they fall. Our society now provides for people who are residing in sympathetic mode. Everything should be fast. Stress, the rat race, action films and animations stimulate them. They love theme parks, with roller coasters and large heeled activities.

By the time they’re forty they’re burnt out. Another kind, the trapped person residing in the sympathetic manner, is just as bad. This individual is so numb that he’s living “unconsciously”. He or she has had to create a character for himself, a learned behavior pattern just so he can function. Hence he reacts in precisely the same method to a given situation and can’t deal with “new” decisions or changes in his lifetime. These other type are common and we probably all know a number of them. They “switch off” when asked for opinions or to take part in a discussion about something new. They can readily speak about what they’ve read in the paper, or what they’ve learned, but can’t explore their own opinions or feelings.

Sympathetic manner

So while we’re living in sympathetic manner, what’s occurred on a parasympathetic degree? Our parasympathetic nervous system only shuts down. We lose the capacity to properly digest our food and other normal bodily functions function less efficiently. We build up impacted faecal matter due to our difficulty in removing naturally and we endanger all our normal growth functions. We “hold on” to our toxins and our old traumas.

We’ve got a need to nourish our stimulated systems, we feel frustrated in our”down time” and fidget. Our bodies can’t settle, we can’t relax, and we’re tough to live with. We have problems with allergies, hay fever, asthma and numerous environmental ailments. The body sees what we eat and breathe as a toxin and our immune system is continually attacking the invaders. Being in sympathetic mode affects the pH balance so we are living in a more acid condition. With our digestive system so out of balance, it’s not possible to restore the balance through diet.

Good to know

Most of us want to move forward in our own lives. Stagnation on the exterior means stagnation on the interior. Letting go of our defunct manners is the key. People use products to help them remove and let go of toxins in the colon and detox the body. We’re extremely good at holding on though. We like our previous behaviour patterns. They are familiar and reassuring. What is going to happen if we let go? Will we survive? Those parasites have become familiar, they have become our friends. Those old patterns have functioned well in the past but what was it initiated the pattern? Let’s explore the word “behavior pattern”.

The very phrase conjures up something we’ve created so that we”understand” how we should act. I believe in being organic. Looking at customs is always a fantastic place to start. If we are truly conscious then we react differently in each circumstance, we don’t need to call on our memory to inquire how we usually respond. Often a pattern has been set by a traumatic event in the past, an event that’s no longer applicable but the “baby” or “child” part of us remains feeling dangerous and needs to call on a tried and tested way of handling a similar situation. These old patterns no longer serve us. Not if we’re living in the present.

There’s absolutely not any need to bring our past with us, however, that “little one” who’s holding onto that routine will always be part of who we are. We want to bring our little one with us but not the traumatic event. Seek out the security on your life, now. Know that your family members are around you; understand what your resources are. Once you are able to identify those feelings of anxiety, start looking for something which makes you feel secure. Feel that security, name the feeling, hug the infant component of you, apologise for what happened and let go.

Natural balance

So let’s return to the detox, and Natural Balance. Now that we have opted to clear our older habits and let go we could have more success with Maestro, Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse. We’ve got a lot to forego. If we don’t do this job, our old patterns that have long outlived their function remain with us forever, since we haven’t discharged the injury. A newborn baby can’t express pain and injury. Until recently it was believed that infants don’t feel pain. Even circumcision operations weren’t performed using anaesthetic.

Can you imagine anyone putting a baby through this archaic and unnecessary procedure? Yes, of course, every father who has had this done to him. Parents have their own wounds to take care of. Children always amplify the parents’ wounds and thus the cycle continues until we say”Enough”. When injury goes unacknowledged und undischarged we stay in our sympathetic nervous systems for the rest of our lives. Without actually letting go, we’ll only ever cure at a superficial level. This is the reason the nutritional supplement market is so huge.

It keeps us feeling great at that shallow level. So do drugs such as Valium and Prozac, but they don’t heal. They only work when you’re taking themand then they ditch their toxins from the liver, making your body work overtime. Without safety and superior resources we’ll only live at a superficial level. Make today the day you opt to Live Your Life. When we can balance the nervous system, everything in our lives can change.

Living in a settled area within the body allows miracles to occur and our own lives to flow easily. When we are in active alert, we can’t even see what’s going on around us that’s good, we only look for the danger. The danger is just a perception, only a belief that lots of greedy individuals have used for their own profit. If we’re not awake other men and women make the most of us. Active alert doesn’t mean awake, it merely means searching for danger. Awake means educated and aware. It means aware, peaceful and in harmony with the planet we live on. It means knowing what’s happening inside your body, rather than making rational, logical conclusions from the mind. It means listening to our body and each other.