Oriental mythology recounts the fruit, Indian gooseberry, to be born from the nectar of immortality that spilled on the planet throughout the mighty war between Good and Evil. Aside from this religious belief, there exist attributes true to its own nature, which have contributed to it being termed as the “miracle fruit”.

Indian gooseberry

Or Amla, is the possessor of multitudinous health benefits, all which jointly justifies its wonder. Amla’s positive impact on nearly every disease makes it equal to an extender of life expectancy. In this guide, I will enumerate the best 6 wellness advantages owned by this oriental herb. The active ingredient within Amla is β-Glucogallin. It’s a high ORAC value, which is to say that Amla is a excellent antioxidant.

It works by inhibiting the production of toxic compounds that cause diabetes-associated health issues. This variable has been verified by various publications. As an example, a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food asserts that Amla extracts have shown to decrease glucose levels in diabetic rats.

Good to know

Further, the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition published a study which has demonstrated this wonder fruit to reduce sugar levels in people. Being a real boon for those suffering from diabetes, Amla also helps stop diabetes-associated bone and eye disorders. Other studies also assert that it helps prevent diabetic neuropathy and diabetes-induced heart ailments. Apart from β-Glucogallin, Amla is also extremely rich in vitamin C. It’s nearly fifteen times superior than orange juice.

Amla contains large amounts of tannins, thereby acting as one of the greatest vitamin C supplements. It gives protection against degraded immune system, cardiovascular diseases, prenatal health issues, cancer, etc. Its large range of health benefits makes Amla a general preserver of health. Amla extracts are full of Vitamin A, which is important in collagen production. Collagen is that substance that’s responsible for maintaining skin elasticity.


Amla helps delay the signs of aging by maintaining collagen levels. Amla also provides protection against gastrointestinal ailments. It prevents and helps heal stomach from ulcers. Further, it helps to keep GIT clean by helping in healthy bowel movements. The iron content in Amla helps improve vigour and energy in men. The wonder fruit has shown benefits in oligospermia, which can help prevent instances involving infertility. Amla has been traditionally used as a home remedy for treating sore throat during cough. Its art in treating throat inflammation is well-known.