I’m an Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Natural Medicine and below are a few of the common questions I’m asked by patients who are new to Acupuncture and are thinking about trying it for the first time.

Take note

  • What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is the insertion of ultra-fine, single use, sterilized needles into specific points on the body.
  • How does this work? There’s a life force that permeates all the cells which compose the human body. This life force, or energy field, is named Qi in traditional Asian medicine and it’s the foundation of our well-being and wellness. If the bodies Qi isn’t flowing efficiently or when the Qi is deficient, it is going to cause disharmony, disease and pain. The insertion of the needles under the surface of the skin activates the flow of this energy, and thus eases the bodies return to its normal state of well-being.
  • What is a typical session like? An acupuncture session is usually performed while the patient is lying on a massage table. It’s somewhat like a normal spa treatment in which the lights are dimmed and soft music is performed to ease a relaxing atmosphere. Generally, on insertion of the needles, a slight tingling or numbing sensation can be felt, but it is not unusual that people feel nothing whatsoever. After the needles are place the practitioner may slightly control the needles to elicit a stronger feeling and increase the efficacy of the treatment. After this, the individual is encouraged to allow the body and mind to go into the meditative state, in which the healing benefits are optimized.
  • What are the advantages of it? Acupuncture is most famous for relieving all types pain. But it has also been demonstrated to enhance the Immune system and down-regulate the Sympathetic Nervous system. Which means it may be an effective treatment for any condition that is either caused or exacerbated by stress. The list is a long one, and contains many of the most common health conditions.
  • Are there some insider tips about acupuncture that a newcomer should know? Improvements in well-being will continue for hours and even days after the session is finished, and this impact can be compounded with following sessions. So, because of this, it’s suggested to follow up with 5 or more sessions before determining if Acupuncture is ideal for you.