Chronic Fatigue and Chronic Depression are absolutely systemic in our society now. In June of this year, my new book entitled, “Until You’ve Walked the Path” hit the bookstores. I am very happy to say that in the responses I’ve received, the book has touched a lot of people in a positive manner, both those suffering from the illness, as well as caregivers, looking for new ways to assist the afflicted.


There are three fundamental’Camps’ if you will, that can lead to depression or fatigue and it’s absolutely essential to determine what camp you are in to expedite speedy recovery. CFIDS is the new acronym for many immune dysfunctional disorders which covers a broad base of causes and effects. More specifically, the factors that can bring on CFS are viral. An outcome associated with CFS sufferers is Fibromyalgia; an excruciatingly painful disease that effects all the muscles and joints in the body.

I could go on but the important point to realize is that most of what causes ‘Real’ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is most often viral. These viruses attack the immune system causing severe un-wellness, depression and fatigue. Stress is another immune-weakening phenomenon and is often a significant cause for CFS. On the other hand, motivators like post viral infection – as it was in my case – is known to be much of the cause because of the damaging consequences it can affect to an otherwise healthy immune system. One outcome is Depression and Fatigue.

Mood disorders

These are perhaps easier for most people to comprehend. Not the diseases themselves but rather the fact that there are commonly known diseases like: By-Polar, Manic-Depression and Schizophrenia, to name but three. We all know they can cause behavioral – often unpredictable -changes in those afflicted. Another outcome is Depression and Fatigue. Stress-relief is frequently the reason for people using alcohol and drugs on a regular basis and you shouldn’t be addicted to experience many of the health deteriorations that ultimately come about.

Another outcome, of course, is Depression and Fatigue.

  • Depression and Fatigue can be outcomes from many different motivators.
  • It’s critical for sufferers to seek out immediate professional help in determining precisely what is causing their fatigue and depression. I’ve seen too many people needlessly wither away with diseases like these, never getting the proper help.
  • Many try to hide their problem and shrink into the shadows because it’s not a glamorous disease and for the most part, is still a little misunderstood – even by many in the medical field.


My advice is to get the right medical specialist who deals specifically with what is causing your fatigue and depression. Understand that no doctor can be a specialist at everything and that the medication, treatment and care for someone with Schizophrenia would be entirely different from what’s required to treat someone with substance abuse or a viral infection. The specialist would be just as different. It’s also vitally important for those afflicted and caregivers alike to know that there’s a brief window of opportunity in getting diseases like these under control. That’s to say, from my observation and experience, the longer one goes without proper diagnosis and treatment, the harder it is and less likely it is, recovery can be achieved. Chronic Depression and Fatigues isn’t something one chooses to have and treatments like “Suck it up soldier!” Or love deprivation don’t work. Ignoring it works even less. What’s causing Your Depression and Fatigue could be many things. You will need to align yourself with the right specialist, the right medication and the right treatment As Soon As Possible! The great news? You can recover from it and you can triumph over it! I’m living proof.