After finding the existence of the anti-conscience (since I had been obeying the divine guidance in dreams) I did not have time to consider this matter. I suddenly had to cope with different unbearable symptoms. My anti-conscience began attacking my conscience with the intention to produce a serious mental illness. I had to offer immunity to all of the absurd thoughts and the excruciating symptoms created by the anti-conscience as if nothing was happening to me.

Let’s see…

I had been working many hours at a shop in the middle of Athens (which belonged to my mom and my aunt), and I was silently praying all of the time and remembering I was fighting craziness. This battle lasted eight months. ThenI stopped having absurd ideas and unbearable symptoms. I had to get accommodated to my reality after learning the facts about the human mind. This part was very difficult, but not as difficult as fighting absurdity.

I had to fight absurdity from the beginning of 1989 until September of this year, when I was 28-years-old. I worked for one year at a travel agency. One year later (in September of 1990) I had my first patient. I treated a young girl who suffered from agoraphobia through fantasy translation. Her treatment lasted eight months like mine, though my situation was worse than hers. Eight months was the essential time for a fundamental psychotherapy.

About treatments

This was just the first treatment of a very long list. After this simple case I had to deal with more complex ones. However, I already knew all of the stages of craziness. My struggle against my anti-conscience showed me what the demon can do to ruin our conscience. So, from being an ignorant and neurotic researcher at the beginning of 1984, I became a mental health therapist in 1990. This miracle could occur because I just obeyed the divine guidance.

I don’t believe you feel that I could find out how to heal mental illnesses in six decades simply by reading books written by ignorant human beings, but if you do, I must clearly tell you that this is an illusion. Mental illnesses are invincible ailments. Only God knows how to manage them. Our psychiatrists, neurologists, and psychologists can try very difficult to get rid of mental illnesses, but they’re invincible. Our knowledge always is going to be inadequate before this danger.

Mental health

We rely on the divine guidance to have the ability to handle mental disorders. Everyone must recognize this fact with humbleness and gratitude because God did not abandon us. God is an exceptional doctor and teacher. The lessons I had were exceptional. This is the reason I could clearly understand that our psychiatrists do everything the wrong way. Their dangerous drugs ruin their patients’ immune system. The mentally ill must fight absurdity by providing immunity to the absurdity of the anti-conscience, otherwise they’ll keep having absurd ideas and excruciating symptoms forever and never regain their conscience.

You can discover sound mental health and become a psychotherapist like me by following the divine guidance in your dreams, and help others do the same after translating their dreams for them. The physician is God, rather than the fantasy translator. You simply need to interpret the subconscious messages and help everybody set the subconscious advice into practice in their everyday lives. God knows how to solve everybody’s psychological issues. The fantasy translator only follows God’s directions. This is the reason I could become a doctor so quickly. I’m a doctor helper.

Keep in mind

The actual doctor is God, despite the fact that I assume the entire responsibility for everyone’s emotional illness. The protection of this psychotherapeutical technique is guaranteed, though other methods are ineffective and dangerous. I’m not afraid to manage severe mental disorders because God is a genius and I just obey His advice. I teach you how you can understand the divine guidance and alter your behaviour after having this understanding. Only God knows what type of information can help you discover what you need to comprehend so as to solve your psychological issues.

If you do not have time for research I will translate your dreams for you, but this knowledge isn’t as complicated as it was when Carl Jung found the extraordinary technique of dream interpretation that accurately transcribes God’s words in dreams. I simplified and explained his work. Learning the dream language isn’t a problem. The issue is the fight from the satanic anti-conscience. Only by knowing God’s words in your dreams you won’t be automatically treated. You must do what God shows you in your dreams. Your involvement in your treatment is indispensable as you have to acquire consciousness and be more intelligent as you fight your anti-conscience.


The knowledge that you have must help you change your behaviour and your life. This knowledge will not help you in case you disregard it in your everyday life. This means that you need to be an obedient patient to see favorable results. I will provide you an example that will help you understand this part. Let’s assume you had a dream about one of your friends who’s insecure and untrue. This friend represents a portion of your personality that’s insecure and false like him. You must stop having this behavior since it’s created by your absurd anti-conscience.

Now, if you won’t do what the subconscious mind is telling you, you won’t be treated. If in your everyday life when you’re with your friends you keep having this insecure and untrue behaviour, and i.e. you grin just to be able to be kind, despite the fact that you dislike what somebody else said, you’re not obeying the advice you had on your dream. You need to fight this absurd behavior. Why should you grin when you disagree with what someone else said? Are you smiling because you would like to seem to concur with your buddies? Or are you smiling as you do not think before doing something?


God makes you believe and try to comprehend why He sent you a specific message. Whenever you may perceive that you have the propensity to have a false behaviour as you are interested in being socially accepted, you need to stop and change your mindset. Rather than smiling, you need to stay serious if you disagree with what someone said. If you’ll keep smiling even though you realize that this behaviour is absurd, you won’t be treated. You need to consciously stop doing what’s absurd after noticing it on your behaviour. Your participation is indispensable as you must learn to control your behaviour. You can’t be indifferent and keep making the same mistake, as though you did not know that your behaviour is absurd. Your dreams and your everyday life are connected. Your dreams are about you, your mental health, your past, your own traumas, your present and your future, the men and women that are important for you, the person you love, the hazards of the outside world that may impact your life, and several other things that could have a negative effect on your mental illness.