Detoxification therapy is a completely natural and necessary process to get you healthy and feeling your best! If you have never done an official detox program, you’re long overdue for a cleansing experience that will renew your energy, reduce food cravings, improve your metabolism, give you radiant skin, better your sleep, and strengthen your immune system.


It is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing them. There are numerous organs involved in cleansing the body: The colon, liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, bladder, blood, and skin. Each one wants to be stimulated to clean out clogged cells and suffocated cells in the cumulative harm of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, prescription drugs, pollution, sugar, chemicals and hormones in our food.

The principal cause of disease is the accumulation of toxins and waste, which aren’t removed from our body. Some signs of toxicity include headaches, fatigue, skin problems, frequent colds, aching joints, cravings, digestive problems, allergies, and sensitivity to scents or compounds. Given the perfect herbs, nutrition, and some rest, your body has the capacity to heal itself and return to a renewed state, working more effectively than ever before.

Did you know?

Although everybody may benefit from a detox cleansing, those people who are overweight, have unhealthy diets, take drugs, drink alcohol, have health issues, or are exposed to chemicals at work, need it more than others. Personally, I have a very healthy diet, drink purified water, take nutritional supplements, and exercise regularly, but the awesome benefits I gain from doing a complete inner cleansing continues to convince me that most people are experiencing the toxins around us and in our food, no matter how healthy we think we are.

Even with a wholesome lifestyle, the body forms mucoid plaque, a rubber-like lining across the walls of the intestines. This plaque is full of toxic waste and prevents proper absorption of nutrients resulting in poor digestion, skin problems, sluggish metabolisms, and headaches.

Keep in mind

During a good cleansing, this mucoid plaque is in fact removed from the intestines and is very visible and disgusting to see. My customers are sometimes bothered by this event, but then convinced to keep performing their whole Internal Cleansing Kit by Blessed Herbs annually with some miniature detox in between. What’s the best way to begin? First, if you have any medical condition, check with your doctor to discover if doing a detox cleansing is safe for you.

There are a couple of levels of detoxification which range from beginner to advanced. The beginner can do an easy one or two day fast on fresh vegetable juice and water once per month, supplementing with a Toxin Absorber made of bentonite clay, apple pectin, and psyllium seed that draw out and remove toxins from the intestines.