Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. If you wish to build muscles that you MUST supplement with glutamine. Why? Each weight training session expends enormous quantities, which has to be replaced in order to repair and build muscle tissue. You can’t eat enough food in daily to replace the quantities of glutamiane that’s been expended in 1 training session.

Good to know

Even in case you were able to consume enough food in daily to replace the shops, you body couldn’t digest it and transfer it to the muscles quickly enough for good recovery. When glutamine is taken in powder form it reaches the muscles in about 15 minutes as it doesn’t need to be digested or converted by the liver. It hits the blood stream ready to be utilized by the body in that magical window of healing that’s present soon after intense training.


It is the single most important amino acid in the body for producing anabolic conditions in the muscle and shielding from overtraining. Muscle is the most abundant manufacturer of glutamine in the body. The production in the muscle is so great that it accounts for at least 60% of the free amino acid pool in muscle cells. These huge muscle shops also accounts for many of theglutamine reserves, and they can release it in the blood to keep plasma levels to supply different tissues with it. When physical activity is changed with weight training, the requirements for additional glutamine can increase drastically.

During training using glutamine by other organs of the body increases dramatically. Because of this, plasma levels start to plummet. To replenish these amounts, the muscles begin to discharge their glutamine stores to the blood. Consider this from a body builders standpoint. Glutamine isn’t within the muscles when necessary during training and in healing. Without sufficient glutamine, muscles seem flat as a result of dehydration. No body builder would like to look in the mirror and see horizontal muscles.

Immune system

Glutamine also helps support the immune system to prevent disease. Let’s talk about more than training about glutamine. If you’re not supplementing with glutamine, day after day, the amounts are being expended rather than properly replenished. Levels are gradually dropping lower and lower to a point that the body burns muscle to provide glutamine for other physiological functions. The result is muscle loss and illness because your glutamine levels are dangerously low. You might not be over training in any respect, just reaping the ramifications of not supplementing with glutamine.

So what’s the solution?

Men, supplement every day with 5 g of glutamine before and after training and before bed. That’s 15 grams every day. Women can cut this amount by one third. Always take glutamine or some other amino acid on an empty stomach and drink lots of pure water. Remember, glutamine helps get water to the muscle cells for hydration. When your muscles are hydrated they are stronger and have more endurance.