Hair loss or baldness is among the most upsetting misfortunes that happen to the majority of women, in guys baldness is often associated with elevated levels of testosterone, and for that reason it’s more common to them compared to their counterparts. This, consequently, makes baldness in women an extremely sensitive matter because their hair represents a more significant part of their beauty.

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The problem has prompted beauticians to think of many ways of masquerading the baldness and one of the ways is by baldness and use of real human hair follicles. On the other hand, there are those which don’t suffer from this ailment, but they have a slow growth rate or have another hair preference besides theirs. This lot has discovered more options in wigs and extensions that provide them the ultimate intended appearance.

These methods are relatively cheap compared to baldness and other innovative permanent solutions to hair loss.


What Causes hair loss in women. Some girls are born with a genetic makeup that contributes to hair loss. Androgenic alopecia is the genetically inherited condition that causes baldness mainly in girls. This can, however, be noticed earlier in life and for that reason mitigating remedies can be implemented to prevent you from getting completely bald.

Deficiency of this important mineral can lead to balding especially to women who experience heavy menstrual periods without putting up a plan to replenish the missing Iron. Beside anemic condition, hair growth can be diminished, and it’s one of the first indicators of the disease.

Also protein and other minerals such as vitamins are equally essential for healthy hair growth and it is of excellent essence to make certain you balance your diet. Once in a while styling is advisable but also much of setting, excessive use of chemicals, dying and other hair treatments may cause the weakening of the hair and thus its diminished growth. Heat, for instance, used when blow drying has a negative effect on the hair shafts when done so frequently.

Final note

An autoimmune disease is where the body’s immune system fails to recognize particular body cells and strikes them as overseas. Condition such as lupus is one where the immune system attacks any mobile and when it strikes the follicle cells, hair growth is compromised. Any kind of stress affects the immune system and a few of the effects are shown through conditions like Dandruffs and thinning of the scalp. Avoiding these stress and suitable rehydrating can look after this.