HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus focuses on the immune system of someone and systematically damages it. If left untreated, HIV attacks a particular type of immune cells, T Cells called CD4 cells. With time, HIV develops stronger, and its constant attack on CD4 cells then results in cancers and other associated infections or diseases. HIV starts reproducing quickly in a stage referred to as the acute infection stage during the first couple of days. People typically do not see any symptoms during this period. However, deciphering the indicators and understanding if they are a consequence of HIV is catchy.


This is because the symptoms are very similar to that of influenza or some other viruses. The intensity of the symptoms varies; they may come and go and last for days, and even weeks in some instances. For therapy, medical science has developed various antiviral medicines. However, since the virus coalesces itself into an individual’s DNA pattern, its removal hasn’t been seen up to now. This lifelong condition has been studied by many to develop a suitable and lifelong care.

However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. Medical science has developed various treatments which make it feasible to live a long and protected life with the virus. The simple logic behind HIV medication or antiretroviral medication is stopping HIV from replicating and attacking the CD4 cells and, by an expansion, the immune system.

This not only lowers the risk of transmission, but also restricts the development of any complications. Many might feel that since HIV medicines aren’t a definitive cure, there’s absolutely no use for treatment. However, if left untreated, as stated previously, it may result in conditions like AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Furthermore, the continuous attack on one’s immune system significantly simplifies the ability to fight other diseases and infections. And thus, HIV medication that’s antiretroviral is essential.


It can make sure that you enjoy a life expectancy comparable to someone who doesn’t have HIV. Antiretroviral therapy can make certain you’ve got similar experiences and enjoy a life that’s just as wonderful for someone who does not have HIV. HIV medicines may also lower the risk of transmission.