Although it’s been years now, I still vividly remember lying in the article surgery ICU of a high level oncology hospital and craving the loving touch of my loved ones who maintained a “waiting room vigil ” just to be permitted to “see me” briefly and infrequently. I had been in and out of a coma but I knew one thing for sure. I needed the signature of my nearest and dearest.

Let’s understand it

I know that my life depended upon the electrons their signature could move to my body which was almost depleted of energy because of pharmaceutical ingestion and isolation from life-giving resources. Modern medicine had nothing for me to eliminate the remaining “spots on liver and lungs”. I needed to make my body a place where cancer could no longer live.

The science is deep but the Word of God gives healing touch credence not accessible elsewhere. And, obviously, the “science” is God’s own design. In this article I need to check at the basis of the power in human contact from a “science standpoint” because it’s literally a “high voltage” healing mechanism. We’re biochemical beings in our own body/souls and “modern medicine” is honed in on this chemistry generally to the exclusion of our equally significant bioelectrical state of being.

Recharge energy

Let’s look at ways to “recharge the energy in our signature” by fostering our own electron equilibrium. Recently, a friend whose adult child has entered the “chemo-therapy/radiation” transplant physicians recommended for post surgery cancer therapy, expressed how disturbed she was in the orders not to hug her daughter since the treatment so weakened her immune system which human contact was “dangerous”.

I reflected upon the many hours I’d spent in oncology waiting rooms expecting laboratory tests and scans throughout the weeks directly following my cancer operation. So much fear and anxiety as well as signs of treatment “side effects” and so much dull gray fatigue from the air! Conversation amongst many of God’s stricken beloved, sharing a kindred burden, compared what “the doctors had told them”. This “mantra” always contained: “stay out of sunlight”; “eat only cooked foods”; “always wear the surgical mask and avoid human contact”, etc.. The absence of positive energy in the room was palpable. Later, in my research to make my body a location cancer couldn’t live, I discovered that quantum science is all about energy and matter.

Good to know

Einstein proved this connection. Our bodies are “thing” and life is fueled by “energy” at the cellular level. Insights for healthier living abound as we learn the part of our bioelectric aspects-especially electrons. It’s undeniable that our nerves and brain operate electrically and our hearts beat due to an electrical impulse. Every cell of our bodies, if healthy, creates electric energy fueling the work that the cells do and the work (and play) that people do. We were made with a “healthy voltage” that we can maintain or replenish (or not).

Lifestyle and compound ingestion can rob us of the power, thereby forcing us to the chronic “dis-ease state”. Electrons (atomic particles in most molecules) are our “ground zero” energy “tools”. Incidentally, electrons are especially sabotaged by each and every part of this”fear based waiting room mantra” I mentioned earlier.

Do This

How long can you hold your breath? Cells can not do without oxygen either-except cancer cells which ferment instead of oxidize nutrients. Pain is a sign of oxygen depletion in body tissue. What can we do to keep healthful body voltage level? Electrons, the “stuff” of voltage, obviously flow from regions of high voltage to regions of low voltage. So is health care a matter of bringing more electrons flowing into our bodies and hindering electrons leaving us? It’s and doing this involves lifestyle! 1. Touching (like hugging) transports electrons from one person to another-from the individual with higher voltage to the individual with lower voltage.

Of course this is a part of a “healing touch” and the”healthy person” can replenish donated electrons through lifestyle.

Take note

  • Drinking acidic water “tap water”, chlorinated water, fluoridated water, most commercially packaged water robs us rather than providing them. Alcoholic, caffeinated, carbonated, and otherwise processed drinks are “anti-electron” in our metabolism.
  • We get electrons from ionized water (obtained from clean molds or via technical (and often costly filters) or other well-filtered water. I use an inexpensive countertop Zero Water filter.
  • Raw organic foods are essential potent ion providers. Cooked and processed foods not only don’t supply electrons but those who contain chemical additives trigger additional electron loss.
  • Exposure to wind and air conditioning stimulates loss of electrons. Thus, fatigue (low energy because of low voltage) is due by exposure to wind. Knowing this, we could purposely replenish our electrons with irregular breaks to exercise and pray or meditate, that has been demonstrated to recharge our physical/mental battery.
  • Even minimal exposure to sunlight daily replenishes electrons in ways we absolutely need and can save (if our cell membranes are healthy).
  • Exercise! Our muscles really generate electrons once we exercise. Muscles also store exercise and electrons recharges them. In my own recovery from cancer I developed a workout navigation roughly according to Tai Chi. It includes deep breathing in addition to smooth low impact movements and requires a very few minutes.
  • Moving water creates absorbable electrons. Thus taking showers instead of baths is a means of replenishing electrons. Filtered showerheads, naturally, can help eliminate the harmful chemicals in tap water. We all know our skin absorbs such compounds so it is well to remove these from both the water and skincare products.
  • The earth is a strong electromagnet. Walk on it barefooted; lean against trees and soak in fluids that are blessed. Let your pets spend some time on the ground (that is not sprayed with electron depleting chemicals) so that they can carry electrons back to you when you pet them.
  • Get your hands dirty in a backyard. God’s given us an abundant “battery charger” for good reason.

Final note

Fulvic Acid dietary supplementation may supply our bodies with an abundance of energy producing electrons. It has all of the genetic information, all the nutrition, all the antioxidant capacity. The molecule of fulvic acid contains 14 tetra trillion (14 with 21 zeros behind it) electrons it may contribute (and neutralize harmful free radicals that are mobile debris left over from cellular metabolism and operate ).

Thus the body can go back to carrying a healthier electrical voltage and body tissues and tissue function as they’re created to do. They have the power to operate. High electric activity kills cancer cells. It balances acidity, provides oxygen to cells, and balances the chemistry of well over 70 percent of our bodies. To sum up, human touch with healing intent is a strong healing mechanism. We’re generally unaware of the power, but we should no longer feel helpless in encouraging loved ones or fostering our own wellbeing. I’m hoping that the friend I mentioned earlier will don a surgical mask herself and meet the temptation to hug or maybe massage the feet of her suffering child. She’ll be providing the healing power of electrons and, thereby, oxygen. She’ll be assisting defeat cancer’s needed acidity. We can provide a lot more than a “warm fuzzy”.