Some people are ready to sacrifice today’s health in the interests of a larger goal. For instance: an athlete can burn huge long-term health in the interests of a gold medal. Many Olympians die young. Another example is a company executive who voluntarily absorbs vast amounts of anxiety so as to earn more money that they don’t really have to survive or thrive until the end of the life.


Like an Olympic athlete this entrepreneur has a goal in mind and the objective is winning and the goalkeeper changing and they are ready to sacrifice long-term health so as to win. Most individuals are where they need to be. We pick, based on our value system, a priority between what we desire and what we’ve got. In the event of the athlete they’re picking short term success over long-term well-being.

In the case of the entrepreneur they might be picking short term stress within long-term well-being. So it is important to recognise that a number of our problems come from choices we make. The pain of sorrow outweighs the pain of discipline. It’s Monday, it’s easy to say to hell with long term issues I’ve short-term aims to sort out.

Immune system

But on Monday, 3 years from now, when our immune system is weak and we have a sense of exhaustion we might wish that our choice was distinct 3 decades back. Of course it is too late for that. The best cure is prevention. I remember attending my 1st personal and professional development workshop.

We had been asked to go through a procedure that recorded our worth and prioritise them. The inference, which was standard business rhetoric at that moment, was that we had to sacrifice one area of life for the sake of another so as to achieve what we want. My listing prioritised riches over health and family over company.

The list was incorrect but the inference of it stuck. The inference being that I must sacrifice one area of life for the better of another. All 7 areas of life are significant. There’s absolutely not any need to sacrifice one area of life instead of another. Success doesn’t have to come at the price of health or connection and connection doesn’t need to do be prioritised ahead of succeeding. For joy and health success has to be equivalent to the different regions of life.

Keep in mind

Now, lots of people will argue that there’s a huge gap between male and female objectives. This is again incorrect. For each human being there is an expressed and a repressed ambition. Therefore, people are where they need to be. This is our most important discovery in regards to healing and health. The pain of sorrow outweighs the pain of discipline and quite often healing is addressing sorrow for conscious decisions made based on expressed values which didn’t take into consideration repressed values.

For example: you’re down the bar and enjoying a beer and you must drive home when one of your buddies announces an important accomplishment, they’re getting married. Somebody proposes a toast and buys a bottle of champagne to which everyone feels obligated partake. You know you will cover the legal limit for alcohol with this champagne, you know that you’ve consumed enough alcohol to wear 3 kg of weight and you know that if you drink some longer you won’t get up for your training run in the morning so what do you do? We make thousands of choices everyday.

We might decide to be stressed or not to be stressed. We might decide to undermine our health or not undermine our health. We might decide to work through our fatigue or to rest. These choices lead to our future. The choices we make today determine the future we create tomorrow. So, it is not as simple as it sounds to remain healthy and wealthy and wise and happy and in love and socially conscious and spiritually conscious. But it is possible.

Take note

The question is; “are the choices we make so disconnected?” So, by way of instance, if we are in the bar and that champagne is provided to us, is your decision to drink or not to drink so complex? Short-term gratification contributes to short-term complication. The individual who’s focused on the today will often make decisions that in the short term feel appropriate but in the long run are improper. The option to take that champagne and drink it all is a short-term option but without a driver’s license, feeling obese, overlooking training tomorrow morning, feeling hungover at work these are long-term effects of short-term decisions.

It’s too late to shut the gate once the horse has bolted. People need healing after the chance to keep the problem has passed and so there’s huge awareness of sorrow and disappointment about what might have been, and how the difficulties they’re facing might have been averted. Let’s call this guilt. Sad realities. When I’ve worked with those who need healing it is a sad and frequently debilitating reality they are both guilty and angry about the situation they’ve created.

Both anger and guilt make the situation worse and still, the integrity that comes from owning the fact that they caused their present circumstances is critical for healing. Blame does not work. Despite the fact that guilt blocks memory and triggers anger towards self about conditions that require healing blame does not work either. Angry people calm down after expressing their anger. But this calm is temporary because the road cause of the anger stays untouched and concealed from view. It’s a well-known truth that people don’t make us mad they just reveal the anger we hold inside.


Given that guilt makes our accidents worse and attribute adds to our problems how then do we approach the subject of healing which requires us to take responsibility for being the cause of our difficulties and does not make us in precisely the exact same time accountable, and therefore worse off? Immune system response. In healing we’re asking what generated the body to heal the body. Whether the injury is to the mind, emotion or physical body does not matter.

The immune system is affected regardless of which level of harm occurs. In other words whether it is a psychological insult, a psychological disappointment or a physical breakdown that the immune system is affected and has to be repaired and rejuvenated in order to recovery to happen at a heart level. Solving and psychological problem at a psychological level simply diverts the harm to a lower degree of their physical body and several illness can be traced back to some psychological problem that wasn’t dealt with properly. So at the heart of recovery is your immune system.

Gratitude heals

Through an infinite number of research studies the connection between the immune system and the psychological state of the individual has been definitely determined. A patient who’s angry or guilty will love their immune system and therefore be a lot more vulnerable to disease. It’s being shown that prayer has no influence on the healing process however thankfulness has an impact and if prayer and thankfulness are one in exactly the exact same thing the immune system will react accordingly. To become grateful for harm is a massive requirement of healing.

Firstly, we can see that nobody does to us more than we do to ourselves and consequently, if we’re injured by someone else or circumstance we could trace this back to an outside event simply reflecting an inner reality. So rather than focus on gratitude for the external event our focus has to be drawn to the inner reality that existed before the external event that triggered our illness happening. For instance; a person may be deeply hurt through the practice of divorce and they may blame the divorce (an external event) due to their own pain.

They may spend the rest of their life dealing with this outside event and the pain it caused nevertheless, the actual source of the pain existed before the divorce. Nobody does to us than we do to ourselves. The heart of healing therefore, isn’t being guilty or angry or blaming all needing to fix something that went wrong. The heart of healing is to use the external position to direct us to the inner reality that was causing our pain long before we became aware of it.

So, going back to our earlier example of the person going through divorce and the pain they’re witnessing because of that divorce we’re suggesting that the pain existed before the divorce but was coated by replacements and lifestyle habits such as the union. There are no victims. Among the most argued topics of my profession has been the announcement that there are no victims. Standing alone this announcement lacks empathy and kindness toward those who have endured enormous pain in the hands of others. I reconcile this dichotomy between socially excepted there are victims perception and the real healing awareness that there are not any in the speech of time.

Take into account

In the wee hours of distress when pain includes shock it’s wise for person to perceive themselves as a victim and blame the situation that caused the trouble. This perception aids the patient focus on pain relief and survival in very difficult times. But this perception doesn’t cure and as the shock dies down to show the real pain under the harm and suffering, victim should give way to a deeper connection to nature. I’m frustrated quite frequently with the attitudes of therapists and therapists whose mission it appears is to resolve people from a place of blame and victim.

This is an impossible mission and support simply to keep people in the loop of continual recovery and the professional in the loop of continual dependence. Real healing takes place the moment when one recognises that crisis is a blessing. Again returning to our divorce situation; it’s possible that the person who’s suffering at the hands of a divorce and feeling cheated or rejected never felt worthy in the 1st location. It’s even possible that they did not trust their partner from the start.

Someone who does not trust will eventually be proven right. Someone who does not trust will hold back love just if they’re proven right. So a man who does not trust may sign the marriage certificate and adopt all of the material conditions of a union but never surrender in the relationship, and for that reason never fully embrace the union. In this scenario the divorce is purely an external reflection of what’s been consistent and unexpressed from the very start. A delicate topic of conversation is cancer. Nobody would put the blame for cancer squarely on the shoulders of the person who’s so fighting with such an awful and challenging journey as to cure cancer. So we can go so far as to state that the propensity to experience cancer can return through our DNA, through our legacy, through external conditions and through encounters prior to adult consciousness.

We do not want to add more pain, anger or guilt, to an individual who’s walking the tightrope of healing cancer. However we do need to put squarely in the hands every chance to support the recovery process potential. Mind body connection. From early history through until some 200 years ago the link between body and mind in the recovery process was inseparable. Healers understood that complete recovery required a focus on both the body and mind simultaneously. In our contemporary times this connection has been split and today we have the healing of a cancer with no focus on the mental and psychological causes which might have helped trigger it.

The immune system

Everybody is vulnerable to cancer and if cancer assault is imminent the immune system fights it off. However, when psychological capacities are limited and could be concentrated on negative or I’m thankful ideas the immune system may allow the attack beyond its guard. It’s really important to understand what that capability limiting thought process was that, with physical recovery, the trigger isn’t permitted to cause the re-emergence of the identical problem on a concrete level. To understand this more clearly you must understand the essence of well-being.

A healthy person is undergoing continual support and challenge to their emotional and bodily being on a daily basis. The objective of that support and challenge is to evolve the human state into a higher state of being. If an individual can sustain growth through the support and challenge procedure then they will experience minor un-wellness along with a corresponding health on a daily basis, both emotionally and physically. But if this practice is permanently blocked it may turn to an accident and this is what we’re working with in the practice of healing.

What is evolution?

This is actually confusing question since there are seven regions of life and we can look highly evolved in 1 area and highly devolved in a different and therefore contribute to the belief that because we’re wealthy, we’re evolved. We do not have to be a rocket scientist to realise that this isn’t evolved. To recognise an individual’s degree of evolution take the 7 regions of life, and ask which is their most troubled area which shows the amount of evolution. Another word for development is control. If we have control over our health we can say we’re evolved in the region. If we have control over our financials we can say we’re evolved in that region.

So evolved equates to leadership and direction in each of the seven areas of life. The more evolved we’re more people we influence. So, a company director who’s leading thousands of customers and workers can be said to become evolved in their business dealings than an individual who directs a group of 3. This shows that we can have high levels in 1 area and reduced levels in another. We could be developed in our business dealings and un-evolved in our private dealings.

Final note

Where do you think our accidents will come from? They come in our least evolved region. Our least evolved part of lifestyle limits our whole existence as a human being. Nature is dedicated to our development and therefore when we find an accident or pain in one specific area of our life we’ll know that we’ve been nudged and encouraged by character to evolve that area. Therefore, it’s sensible to both cure the Injury and develop the consciousness which caused it. All emotion shows unevolved consciousness. Support and challenge our psychological states made by half-truths. The simple fact is that there is always equally, the problem is that we see them at exactly the exact same moment of time. Healing therefore, is the instantaneous recognition that crisis is a blessing.