Statistically, 1:3 girls and 1:2 men will be diagnosed with some kind of cancer in their lifetime. Those figures are compelling reasons to be very proactive with your health and to understand the causes that could result in Breast Cancer, or any sort of cancer.


Cancer can’t develop in a healthy body. Plain and simple. Your assignment, therefore, is to make conscious decisions that may help you prevent cancer. Inflammation occurs when your Immune System becomes more active and creates a feeling of high oxidation. Consider oxidation as rust or as soon as an apple piece turns brown after a couple of hours. A similar process occurs on a cellular level. 3 phases of tumor development: initiation, development and metastasis.

You may decrease inflammation by increasing your green vegetables with juicing and blending and adding fish oils to your diet. Remove all artificial and processed foods out of your diet. Regular physical activity and refreshing sleep also decrease the inflammatory markers.

Good to know

Sugar feeds cancer. After years of sugar ingestion from refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, an acidic environment is created, which cancer cells love. Insulin and IGF (Insulin Growth Factor) are powerful messengers that promote cell development. Sugar also depresses your Immune System. Eliminate sugar in all forms from your daily diet. Granny Smith apples, lemons and limes, and intermittent berries are beneficial. Limit your grain intake and replace them with quinoa and millet, which are categorized as seeds.

This is a biological practice which manages many different bodily functions. Problems with methylation occur if there’s specific gene mutation that prevents the creation of a particular enzyme. This may lead to problems with detoxification, immune function, DNA repair, and energy generation. If you’ve got high Homocysteine blood levels or in the event you want to know if you’ve got a methylation problem, I suggest you get tested to see if you’ve got the gene mutation.


If you do, you will find nutritional supplements that will help decrease the impact of the mutation. Hormones are messengers that talk to one another and to all systems of the body. If there’s too little estriol and an excessive amount of estradiol, the more competitive estradiol can cause cellular damage and increase your chance of Breast Cancer. If you’re not metabolizing your estrogen correctly, this may also increase your risk. Determine Estrogen Quotient and the degrees of your hormones using a simple house testing saliva kit. The average person has over 200 foreign substances circulating in their body.

These chemicals exhaust and stress the Immune System, distracting it from more important functions. As DNA mutations occur due to these chemicals, it’s important your Immune System be on the alert to catch any circulating cancer stem cells. Keep your Immune System functioning at its peak by embracing a healthy lifestyle and being proactive with The 7 Essentials. There are certain supplements and foods that may help enhance your Immune System as well.

Stress factor

Stress and lack of sleep may turn off cancer-protective genes. Insufficient sleep prevents the body from healing and repairing. It slows the detox pathways that puts your body at higher risk. If you’re not getting restful, relaxing and refreshing 7-8 hours of sleep, then consider getting your mind hormones tested to find out what neuro-transmitters might be out of equilibrium. Psycho-Neuro-Immunology (PNI) has taught us that the Nerve System, the Immune System and our psychological health are closely related.

Think dark ideas and your white blood cell count is reduced. Think happy thoughts of joy and gratitude and even your DNA reacts in a positive manner. Thoughts are energy and energy is transmitted by electrical and chemical pathways. Practice being grateful for everything that’s in your life. Focus on peaceful loving ideas.

Final note

Take some time to meditate and pray daily. Visualize your body feeling healthy and strong. Visualize your ideal life and move towards it. If you find it hard to mediate, there are lots of programs that can teach you to calm your mind and your body. These 7 causes are workable problems which can be prevented. Make a conscious effort to obtain knowledge about the things that you can control when it comes to your wellbeing.