Humor was known as “Social Glue” due to its capability to bond people to one another. People do gravitate to people who laugh easily and have a fantastic sense of humor. Just watch the next time someone in your business tells a funny story about something that happened to them. Not only are people eager to hear a funny story but the shared laughter appears to bring the group closer together.

Let’s understand it

When a boss tells a humorous self-deprecating narrative to hisor her department the resulting laughter appears to encourage a,” hey, we are all in this together” attitude. When you think about what associations spend to send their employees on team building seminars cultivating a climate of comedy creates plenty of financial sense. It’s the greatest team builder.

Humor and laughter have a tendency to banish boredom and boredom was recognized as a destructive reality in a workplace. Laughter, by its very definition, implies fun and fun is never dull. I once asked a member of my audience when he enjoyed his job. T want to go. After being convinced that a celebration is exactly what you need you give in. At 1:00 a.m you come back from the party.

Let’s see…

It was lots of fun with a whole lot of laughter and great company. You get into bed and you can not get to sleep. You’re full of energy and sleep is impossible. What happened to the exhaustion that was plaguing you hours before? When you consider workplace dis-ease and its negative effect on your company or organization you’ll be hard pressed to find a more powerful, cost efficient alternative than a program including comedy, laughter, compliments and appreciation.

They fit together like hand and glove and are extremely simple to implement. All you require is a commitment from top management and a couple of training sessions to educate the hows and whys of such a schedule. Once you have your people on board you’ll have the ability to realize your workplace culture improve considerably.