Herbs of Gold was founded in the late 1980s by a medical herbal pro. Each of its goods contains carefully selected herbs blended with vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements. Its assortment of nutritional supplements applies a holistic approach in addressing various health conditions. Among its popular products is Cold & Flu Defence. It’s a supplement designed to help you get a healthier immune system and decrease the probability of having colds and flu.

Good to know

It’s betacarotene, vitamin C and zinc, which are components known to have this resistance function. But its prime ingredients are two herbs that can effectively assist in combating not only colds and flu, but also other disorders. Astragalus is a plant which you can find mainly in Asia. Widely used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is also called “huang qi,” that is “yellow leader” in English. Why the name? Its origins, which are those used in medical treatments, are coloured yellow. Also, astragalus is one of those herbs that lead the rest of the plants in the area of traditional medicine in China.

The roots of the plant are reported to be effective in boosting the growth of immune cells. Their role in preventing colds is attributed to its ability to combat certain mild viruses. They’re also used in the treatment of asthma and night sweats. Some old Chinese people use them in energy tonics which are taken very frequently to help keep them strong. For more serious health conditions, astragalus is also thought to cause diuretic effect on your system. For those that are hypertensive, this may help decrease your blood pressure and relax your blood vessels.

Herbal ways

The Cold & Flu Defence by Herbs of Gold also contains olive leaf extract as its other prime component. Olive leaves are very popular in the Middle East and in the Mediterranean area to possess medicinal properties because the ancient culture. Olive leaf extract is reported to be a powerful anti-oxidant which helps your body remove free radicals from its method. This promotes the reduction of micro-toxins in our bodies, resulting to your immunity or getting well from colds, influenza, and other relevant ailments. It’s regarded by many practitioners of herbal medicine to be a miracle drug, because they consider it may protect your body from several bacteria and viruses which cause some serious ailments and conditions like shingles and herpes. The Cold & Flu Defence is only one of the numerous herbal products by Herbs of Gold. The brand also offers other valuable supplements such as coeznymes, protein digestion aids, B complex, and many others.