There’s absolutely not any doubt that when a person discusses issues women are facing and the difficulties challenging female medical problems, the very first health complication that someone could consider could be breast cancer. It’s can be considered as one of the most dreaded diseases among women’s health information, together with ovarian cancer and contracting sexually-transmitted ailments.


Based on the stats that were launched by the Center for Disease Control, there are lots of issues women face with more women dealing with different types of female medical problems that could threaten their life. Nearly all women’s health issues are curable, however, so it’s quite important for girls to be knowledgeable concerning the potential health risks that they may encounter and ways to prevent or provide remedy for all these ailments.

In the figures published by CDC, and average of 329,238 girls die from heart-related diseases each year. According to the Women’s Heart Foundation, there are eight million females in the USA that are currently struggling with heart issue. The high selection of deaths among women with heart problems can be attributed to the passing of a heart is two times greater than what a man can experience.

Did you know?

Before, stroke-related deaths were correlated more to men than that in women. According to figures, an estimated number of over 2.8 million annual deaths among ladies all around the world come from cerebrovascular illness. This is a health issue that lots of women health pros are so concerned about. Grave is cancer that a growing number of studies on the most effective ways to deal with or prevent such disease are being launched annually. Cancer generally is considered as another life threatening disease amongst women.

Breast cancer is typically the most famous complication that’s directly linked among women, there are different kinds of cancer progression which affects women’s health problems daily. In the exact same research study from the CDC, 69,078 females pass from bronchial and lung cancer each year. Breast cancer has led to the death of 41, 116 yearly deaths among females in the prior years.

Skin cancer

There’s likewise a high likelihood amongst females from ages 25 and older to develop melanoma or skin cancer. Add to that, each year, 26,000 women in the country are detected with prostate cancer, which makes it the 4th deadliest cancer among females. With the medical progress in cervical cancer and the growing consciousness amongst women with respect to the significance of yearly Pap Tests, the amount of cervical cancer cases is beginning to decrease in the recent years.

Breathing health issues which happen in the lungs are collectively described as persistent lower breathing disorder. When someone faces pulmonary illness, persistent bronchitis and emphysema, is typically displayed. Research at CDC, 68,497 state that women die yearly from such breathing disorders as the risk elements are more intense in women than in men.


Previously I discussed how a woman with no dreams for the future can TODAY become a more powerful confident woman. In countries within Europe and Asia, Alzheimer’s disease is more prevalent amongst women and this problem has generated a mean of 51,039 deaths each year. The greater hazard variable concerning Alzheimer’s illness can result from the reduced levels of estrogen amongst women as soon as they reach their menstrual period.

Studies from the American Diabetes Association, say that 9.7 million women in america alone are experiencing diabetes, and it has caused roughly 38,581 yearly deaths. Asian-American women, African females, Latinas and Native American females also have higher risks of establishing this health dilemma in contrast to American females.

Final note

Females with weak senior women and immune systems are susceptible to influenza and pneumonia. There’s a projected number of 34,949 deaths annually that are connected to those ailments as problems women face. Menopause and diabetes play vital functions from the event of kidney disease amongst problems women face. As caused by the research study team at Georgetown University, women have higher chance to deal with kidney disease when their reproductive organs cease to secrete hormone testosterone. In January 2009, news was spread out around the world related to the death of Brazilian design Mariana Bridi da Costa. Septicemia has really contributed to 1.5percent of problems women face with yearly death in america.