Social, biological and psychological factors can influence sexual drive. However, medications and other medical conditions can also affect sexual drive.

Prescription drugs and narcotics such as antidepressants and anxiolytics can adversely impact sexual desire, male erection, orgasm, and may also inhibit antihypertensives, anxiolytics, and antihistamines.

Many aphrodisiac drugs can actually improve sexual performance, the most known is Eroxel:


Eroxel Dietary Supplement

Particularly, because Eroxel’s components are substances of natural origin which are used in traditional medicines for sexual stimulation, pleasure, or behavior.

Today, it is believed that sexual performance anxiety contributes to psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction in 9 to 25% of men. Herbal medicine such as Eroxel is frequently used to treat this condition.

The three classes of aphrodisiacs

Recent studies have shown that aphrodisiacs fall into three types depending on how they increase potency (i.e. The effectiveness of erection in men, sexual pleasure and libido.

Most erection-enhancing drugs induce vasodilation through the nitric oxygen (NO) pathway. This can lead to hypotension and possibly harmful cardiovascular effects (e.g. sildenafil).

Enhancers of sexual pleasure cause tumescence, lubrication and stimulation of the genital mucosa. This can increase sensation (e.g. cantharidin);

Certain neurotransmitters, such as dopaminergic and serotonergic pathways, are altered by libido-enhancing substances (e.g. dopaminergic, serotonergic pathways) and sex hormones in central nervous system.

What you need to know about natural male stimulants

Eroxel is a herbal sex stimulants that is safe in therapeutic doses and have not been associated with side effects.

Interactions between some herbal supplements and pharmaceuticals are common and can pose a serious and real health risk. Many herbal aphrodisiacs contain multiple active ingredients that may have multiple mechanisms of action, which has yet to be fully understood. The mechanisms behind side effects of herbal aphrodisiacs use are therefore not fully understood.

You should also remember that not all aphrodisiacs can be considered harmless. They may cause toxicity in different ways (e.g. cardiovascular, liver, and kidney poisoning), so be safe and chose Eroxel: Eroxel Capsule.