As I mentioned in Part 4 of my Real Health diet series, I believe that taking green foods, particularly spirulina and chlorella, is extremely important to your health. This guide focuses on why you should take spirulina. You might have heard these words, spirulina and chlorella before. What exactly are they though? Basically they’re green microalgae. They are microscopic plants that grow in fresh water. They are green because of chlorophyll. It’s sold in the form of powder. I take mine in veggie capsules.

First, spirulina

Spirulina is an remarkable food. And it’s a food, not a medication. It contains protein. A good deal of protein. Three times more protein by weight than beef. And this protein is much more readable than beef, so you take in more of it in your system. And spirulina includes complete protein, all eight essential amino acids. It contains vitamin B12, and because it’s a plant, of course it’s a vegetarian source.

B12 deficiency has been associated with low bone mineral density, forgetfulness and cognitive issues. You may ask your doctor for a test that will tell you when you’re low in B12. It comprises the second greatest quantity of GLA available. GLA is gamma linolenic acid. This is what is called an essential fatty acid.


The most GLA available is found in human breast milk. GLA is imperative to babies since it enables the brain develop and build new connections. Additionally, it enhances the immune system. If like me, you’re largely bottle-fed, you probably never got enough GLA. Spirulina is a superb source of it, so that you can begin making up for that lack at this time.

Spirulina also contains chlorophyll and beta-carotene, both powerful antioxidants. They help support your immune system and might have anti-cancer effects. Spirulina is also an excellent source of calcium. And needless to say, they’re full of phytochemicals.


Consider spirulina as food, not pills or medication. I take 30 400mg capsules every day. If you’re sick, then you can take up to double that until your conditions improve. For bodybuilders, the protein inside makes it ideal to take a while a workout. Give spirulina a go. I believe you will discover it will improve your health and support your efforts at healthy living.