When a guy sees anything that comes close to resembling a wart on his manhood, he might freak right out – and for good reason. Whatever mars the gear not only has the chance to put a damper on his sex life, but the notion of genital warts can make a man wonder where he got them, what it could mean for his future, and a whole lot more.

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It’s important to see this fairly common penis problem and how to manage the dilemma of penis warts if they do appear. How common are penis warts? Though penis warts might look to be terrifying ordeal, they’re really quite common. Skin problems are caused by HPV, a very common virus that most people will be exposed to in their lifetime. In actuality, there are more than 70 strains of HPV, although many of them appear with no symptoms whatsoever, a number of them do cause penis warts.

The fantastic thing is that penis warts caused by HPV aren’t a life sentence. Typically, the immune system fights back and gets rid of the warts within two decades of their first look. However, the notion of living with warts on the penis for 2 years may be enough to make a man look for treatment alternatives. As with most penis issues, the best way to deal with penis warts is to see the doctor.

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  • Prescription creams. Many guys will opt for prescription lotions, which can decrease the appearance of warts while it helps to shrink them. It will still have some time for them to vanish, but the time a person must live together can be shortened considerably.
  • Cryotherapy. Men who have dealt with different kinds of warts, like those that commonly appear on the palms or feet, will be familiar with this therapy. It includes the use of liquid nitrogen to”freeze” the wart, thus killing it. The wart will then fall off in a brief time period.
  • Electric cauterization. In this therapy, a person is given a local anesthetic to numb any pain, then an electrical current is applied to the region of the wart. The end result is murdering the wart and just as with the liquid nitrogen, the issue should clear up quite quickly.
  • Watch and wait. Though most men won’t like to hear this instead, many physicians will select the “wait and watch” policy in regards to penis warts. This is particularly indicated if a person has other issues which may mean he should not undergo treatments, like an underlying medical condition that may make the treatments harmful for him.

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In cases like this, a guy will want to do everything he can to boost his immune system in the hopes it will take over and eliminate the warts sooner rather than later. When a person has penis warts, it is best to avoid sexual contact with anyone. This is because even if a person uses a condom, the HPV in his own body can be alive and well on the skin elsewhere in the genital region, which means he can pass the issue on to a partner even when they practice safer sex.

And when a person does select treatments rather than “wait and watch” methods, he’ll wish to avoid sexual activity during the time that it takes the body to cure. Whatever the penis difficulties a person may face, it pays to keep the penis in excellent health so that it can better fight off penis warts and other problems. Besides plenty of vitamins and nutrients, a man can also try to find a crème which has alpha lipoic acid, which can help fight excess free radicals which may result in premature aging of the skin.