The term cancer is a broad term used to describe a complex but common group of over 100 distinct diseases that can affect almost every organ in the body. Organs that cancer has a higher rate of disease include the lungs, breast, and skin but it also affects other organs such as eyes, throat, brain, etc; each with its causes, symptoms, and methods of therapy.


It can affect any sort of tissue in the body, and at times, isn’t restricted to a certain tissue alone but may spread over time to other areas of the body. However, what causes cancer in some instances might not cause cancer in other organs. For instance, cigarette smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer but surely can’t cause skin cancer. Genetic make-up Changes in the DNA structure in a gene can cause severe problems for the whole body.

Such changes or mistakes are known as mutations, and these mutations can be passed from a parent to an offspring. That does not mean that all of the kids will have cancer, but this suggests a predisposition to getting cancer. What this signifies is: their odds of infection are greater. Generally, a weak immune system means the body can’t effectively fight diseases. That goes for cancer also.

Immune system

A weak immune system is like a ranch house surrounded by skyscrapers, the probabilities of the home getting a space in the landscape is slim. People with lifestyle risk factors like smoking, obesity, and unhealthy diet are more likely to various kinds of cancers. Too much red meat and processed foods without enough fruits and vegetables increases the risk of cancer. Excessive alcohol can be liable for cancer too.

As you get older, your body undergoes changes whereby gene mutations and cancerous cells have grown. The older you get, the more instances of abnormal cell growth there’ll be. A common example is prostate cancer that affects men mainly in old age. Believe it or not, even something as gratifying as a profound sun tan could be harmful. This is because excess exposure to sun may lead to melanoma that’s a kind of skin cancer.

Final note

Exposure to ultra violet rays of sunlight and radiation created by man are extremely well-known carcinogens (cancer causing agents). Cancer can be prevented in easy ways and also, occasionally, by means of new surgical ways. Medically, breakthroughs in gene mapping are enabling doctors identify cancer causing genesand these studies will undoubtedly lead to better means of eliminating the genetic elements that increase predisposition to cancer.

Knowledge is the core of cancer prevention. That is: understanding the causes as well as the risk factors. With this in mind, aim for a cancer free life, but if you do develop cancer, a positive mind set is what enriches your survival rate. Knowing you’re a cancer survivor and not simply a victim will help in the recovery procedure.