To begin with, let us begin by setting some criteria. The first standard, if a person really knew how cancer is caused. Then it might make sense that that same person would understand what really cures cancer, and might be helping people cure their cancer in a 100% success rate. With this in mind let us look at what’s known about cancer and find out about a technology which was recently found, that cures cancer, especially stage 4 cancers, when captured two weeks before the man or woman is scheduled to proceed.


Currently, most scientists feel that cancers are due to one’s genetics (their genes that are passed from generation to another). This is true. In light of the truth most if not all scientists understand that our bodies (our genes) create some cancer cells daily. At exactly the exact same time, our bodies immediately eliminate them via our immune systems. However, a number of our immune systems allow these cancers grow through the genes allowing these undesirable cancer cells to multiply and become the cancers individuals are experiencing today.

So the question becomes why do our immune systems permit a few of our genes to continue to create cancer cells eventually turning into a life stealing phase 4 (terminal) disease? Is it the lottery of cancer? No of course not. Is it that their unfortunate? Is it because they’re a bad person? No. Then what is it? We’ll answer this important question after. I will say this today our genes are responsible for making everything within the human body and what the body is, every cell, every hormone, every compound, everything your body consists of. It’s important to understand this and remember this truth.

Proper Diet

Now let us look at other “causes” others “know” which are causing cancer. There are some individuals who think a terrible diet, a diet of eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs) processed foods acidifying foods loaded with toxins such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones etc. lead to cancers. If this were true the huge majority of people in america would currently be suffering from cancer. They aren’t. At exactly the exact same time, the men and women who go on a healthy clean diets full of naturally grown sterile organic, alkalizing and alkaline whole foods could be cured of their cancers each moment. This isn’t correct.

Changing one’s diet isn’t curing each one of these well-meaning men and women. It helps, that is for sure. A excellent clean organic whole food eating plan doesn’t guarantee the turning from the genes which makes the cancer cells in the first location. By how many people have cured themselves via a excellent clean organic dietnonetheless, at exactly the exact same time over half of them have contracted their cancers. There’s something else that is making a part of your genes to create their cancer again. And then there are those who think stress causes cancer. This is a popular topic.

Stress Factor

Here’s what they know stress differs for everybody. They also know stress causes people to eat sugary foods as well as other not so healthy foods that make a more polluted environment for cancer to live and flourish in. In addition, we know that anxiety (the absence of love, the negative emotions anxiety causes) causes our bodies to become more acidic even when individuals we eat very well, meaning that they eat very healthy whole foods that are organic. This is also why people who eat well may still consume and make cancer.

Therefore, stress can not by itself cause cancer. At exactly the exact same time, it will however play a role in the cure. I will bring more to light about this important topic later. There are few folks who think that it is a parasitic infection in the cells that is causing a person’s genes to make the cancer cells continuously. The truth is everyone has microbes in pretty much every cell in their bodies. The fact is healthy people and sick individuals have these microbes (bugs) in them. I’ll say this, the healthy (less stressed) individuals have less of these, but they still have them.

Cancer Causes

In a word or 2, your mind. Of course you do not consciously use your mind to give yourself cancer or any other disease for that matter. However, what if there was a more effective part of your mind (a deep mind ) that ran everything within your body, including your genes? After all, you can’t consciously make your heart beat as you’re watching TV or your gut digest your food or create your genes create happy and healthy cells, can you? No, of course not; however, there’s something else which does exactly that. And that something is part of your deep mind complicated.

A component of the deep brain that takes care of some of this is the Autonomic Nervous System. It has two equally crucial and strong parts that play a significant role but not the only real part in the making cancer and the healing of cancer. The exact well-known part is called the sympathetic autonomic nervous system also called the combat flight (stressed out, not happy) part. Everybody knows this part. The cause of this is simple. Most men and women live with this strong part up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year.