Doctors are taught that cancer is a foreign bulge and if they can eliminate it all they’ve successfully defeated the disease. Unfortunately this is not accurate. Cancer, regardless of where it appears in the body is truly a problem with the whole body and the expansion itself is just a symptom. A symptom is a sign that something is wrong. A real cure means treating the entire body. If the issue of cancer was just the development, then by eliminating it as with our existing methods of treating it would address the issue.

Let’s understand it

But every one of us knows somebody, who has undergone these remedies and has been advised by their physician they’ve successfully eliminated it all; often die shortly after of the illness that they were attempting to cure. The truth is that any cancer development itself isn’t the issue and a much more effective way to cure a person with the disease is to treat the individual rather than the cancer.

Our 3 methods for treating cancer now are in place as they’re profitable. For example chemotherapy is a multi billion dollar a year business and I’ve read several times that cancer won’t ever be treated, or a cure won’t ever be found because there’s too much money being made with our existing methods of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Immune System

Cancer is merely a disorder of a weakened immune system that has been weakened due to the way we’re now living. The immune system is part of our body which everyone has, which keeps us healthy and free of diseases. An immune system that is not functioning properly enables normal body cells to multiply without control and the result is the cancer development.

So common sense should tell someone that the first priority is to strengthen our important immune system. Of course there isn’t a drug or a treatment to fortify the immune system and that is why physicians do not know about it. What a cancer patient wants is natural living with good nutrition and some exercise but we have been brainwashed today in believing that any health issue can only be treated with a pill or a therapy.

Cancer Problem

Solving the cancer problem means adjusting the reasons why it appeared and you do this by altering your diet and eating only food that’s natural for human beings. What that does is treat the entire body and that will permit the body to heal. Unfortunately there’s no quick fix way to cure cancer but there’s a way for the ones that can make these modifications.

If you’re coping with cancer a genuine means to cure the body forever is to concentrate on adjusting the reasons why it grew and you do this by eating only food that’s fresh and in season, by getting some exercise that will stimulate and strengthen the immune system, and by living a more natural way that encourages life. Don’t put up with a fast fix temporary treatment for your cancer. You want a permanent solution to your problem and that’s by improving the diet, some living and exercise as we’re supposed to. It works for everybody.