Farrah Fawcett, even in age 62 expired too soon. Farrah fought against an enemy that came into her life in the early part of 2008, anal cancer. This cancer was shown to be too much for her and her remedies. According to the American Cancer Society(ACS), the overall survival rate after diagnosis of rectal cancer is 60 percent for men and 71% for girls.

Anal Cancer

This is a rare malignancy that begins from the anus– opening in the end of the rectum. When found early it’s highly treatable. The American Cancer Society estimates 5,290 new instances for 2009 in the U.S., 710 will perish. ACS predicts 40,870 new cases of rectal cancer and 106,000 colon cancer.

ACS reports that 85% of rectal cancers are associated with persistent infection with virus. Anal disease with papilliomavirus (HPV) is a significant risk factor for cancer. Being over 50( we mentioned that already). Having many sexual partners. Having a weaken immune system. Frequent anal redness and soreness. Change in bowel habits.


Seeking cancer treatment that have chemotherapy, Fawcett traveled to Germany at least 6 times. Surgery to remove the anal cancer, laser therapy against liver tumors and other surgeries and procedures provided little resistance. Early 2008, Dr. Lawrence Piro told her that her liver tumors were no longer active. But in spring 2008 a scan revealed new tumors in the liver and regrowth of her first rectal tumors.

In the summer of 2008, Fawcett entered a clinical trial of an experimental medication, but those remedies didn’t prove successful. Why is a weakened immune system a risk element? The immune system is the defense system. If it’s not working at optimum level your body has little resistance to enemy agents including cancer.

Immune System

Researchers around the world confirm it to maximize the immune response begins with elevated levels of Glutathione (GSH). Your life is dependent upon glutathione. Without it your liver would shrivel up and die from overwhelming poisons, your cells would disintegrate from unrestrained oxidative stress and your body would have little immunity to bacteria, viruses or cancer.

Glutathione (GSH) is a vital component that sustains the functioning and wellbeing of our immune system. Researchers agree that optimizing hydration levels are paramount in living this polluted environment. Whether Farrah Fawcett knew about this or not, I can not say. However, what we can say is this: According to the medical information available increasing glutathione levels will fight cancer.