A storm is gathering today in our brave new world. It’s as though we are being made to draw on the line to a new threat – an attack on the blood of our children. This isn’t just a figure of speech. New vaccines are being invented each year, with the same hope – to be included in the mandated Immunization Schedule. It’s very big money.


Today we are up to 68 vaccines mandated for use in front of a young child is eighteen. But infant mortality rates and the health of our children are appalling. The prevalence of infectious diseases and degenerative diseases among Americans is skyrocketing. Declining health among school children is evident. Ritalin, Prozac, antidepressants, and inhalers are rampant in our schools.

Despite the maximum intake of vaccines and antibiotics of any group of kids in history, our children are fatter, sicker, and dumber than ever before. OPTING OUT. A growing number of medical researchers and physicians disagree with the 68 vaccinations that children have to get. Many parents are opting out by signing exemption forms. They’re drawing the line. They’re saying, if nothing else is sacred in this world, at least the blood of our children shouldn’t be subject to the whims of politics and big money.

Human Blood

The sanctity of human blood. That blood should only be broken in life-threatening scenarios. And not with anything experimental or unproven or dangerous. Most of what’s written concerning the topic insists that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary. We hear how modern culture was saved from the ravages of infectious disease by the intervention of amazing vaccines. We hear how important it is for kids to receive their shots so they will be protected from illness, etc.. We keep hearing about new vaccines which are supposedly required to defend against new diseases.

Ultimately the defense of a child’s bloodstream resides with the parent. Real protection has to start with information – sound information, not propaganda. With vaccines, we have to learn about the components, the culture media, the testing included, the economics and politics involved, the true anatomy and physiology of babies. And the data must come not just from people making their living selling vaccines. This isn’t an anti-vaccine plead. This beg is in favor of any pathogens which have been scientifically tested and found to be totally effective, with no prospect of harm to the receiver.


Human health doesn’t come from a drug or a vaccine or an insurance carrier. A wholesome baby requires no outside aid, no tampering with blood. The mysteries of health lie in the body, not within the medical texts, or the writs of legislation. Pure, uncontaminated human blood is indeed a sacred product. We’ll arrive in a position of deep gratitude when we eventually come to appreciate the individuality, the oneness, the nobility of an inviolate bloodstream.