Even for men who exercise near-perfect penis maintenance, there’s one very troublesome problem that keeps popping up. When it comes to penis issues, among the biggest a man could ever experience is penis odor. This nefarious issue will appear for seemingly no reason, often when a man least expects it, and many a romantic evening has finished badly due to the stench that sprang forth when a man dropped his pants.


But how to prevent this terrible matter? The fantastic thing is that one special ingredient in a fantastic penis health crème was proven to prevent penis odor in its tracks. Here’s what a man has to know about what it is and how it functions. Vitamin A is a complex organic compound the body needs to function properly. This is not just about penis health; vitamin A is essential in regards to vision, skin health, the growth of blood and bone, a powerful immune system and much more.

But what exactly does it do for penis health? Vitamin A is a natural antibacterial, which means applying it to your skin can help to eliminate any bacteria which may be there. This is particularly true with the manhood, as the bacteria that tend to cluster there and trigger that nasty odor are very vulnerable to the power of vitamin A.

Good to know

In actuality, a healthy dose of vitamin A daily, applied topically to the penis, can help reduce the odor significantly. It’s evident that a healthy dose of vitamin A is vital not only for general health, but for a person’s good manhood function also. Paying close attention to diet, like eating a vast array of healthful veggies and fruits, can help to ensure a person will get loads of vitamin A on the interior.

But what about on the exterior? To be able to get the most out of vitamin A, a person must use it in 2 ways: orally and topically. He can get loads of vitamin A through a proper diet, but supplements are definitely a possibility if he’s concerned about nutrition. Oral ingestion of vitamin A helps his body is significantly fitter from the inside-out. But what about in the outside-in? That’s where the topical application comes in.

Final note

Though vitamin A can be found in capsules which may be opened and poured out, this is normally not the best way to use it topically. That’s because it doesn’t have enough opportunity to really sink into the skin to be able to supply the best benefits. However, when a man uses a specially formulated penis health crème, the vitamin A and other ingredients remain where they’re applied, offering their important healing power for a much longer period. In regards to vitamin A, this is particularly important, as it retains the effective compound right there where it can fight germs that cause penis odor and other penis issues. As an additional bonus, a crème which has Shea butter and vitamin E can help soften the skin, which makes it more sensitive to touch.