China has made significant contributions in the field of medicine and cure. There are many remedies that originated in China and have proved to be of great help in healing people across the world. According to the people of China, there’s a universal life force or energy called “chi” or “qi” that pervades the whole human body. The “chi” flows through unseen energy channels called meridians.

Energy flow

Provided that the flow of chi is smooth and unobstructed, the person remains healthy and fit. But the moment there are irregularities in the flow of chi, health of the individual receives a setback. So to be able to stay healthy, consistency in the present of chi ought to be maintained. To have a sustainable flow of chi, Chinese medical philosophers devised several ways. Some of the very best and distinguished techniques are listed in this report.

The flow of chi can be systematized by pinching little needles in the body at specific points. This therapy or treatment was termed as acupuncture. The fundamental principle behind acupuncture is to open the blockages to have a continuous flow of energy throughout the entire body. The acupuncture needles are supposed to puncture or open the points called acupuncture points.

Nervous system

This therapy primarily affects the nervous system of the person. It aids in secreting some important hormones and other substances that aren’t adequately produced but are needed by the body. Many diseases such as asthma, difficulties in vision, paralysis, alopecia etc., find acupuncture a satisfying and decent remedy. The diseases may not be completely eliminated but they’re definitely controlled via the Chinese developed acupuncture treatment.

Herbal Treatment

Chinese traditional herbal remedies are intended for hypertension and other cardiac issues. In the event of hypertension a combination of hawthorn, linden blossom, yarrow and valerian is provided. The yarrow here’s a diuretic while the rest act as relaxing agents. The hypertension with headache is treated with another wood betony while stress includes the use of Siberian ginseng and skullcap.

  • Arthritis and Inflammation also find a fantastic remedy in Chinese herbs. Medicines such as shosaikoto, sinomenium acutum and scutellaria baicalensis are shown to be tremendously helpful in this region.
  • Chinese physicians have always emphasized the importance of exercise. They also worked out a particular method or style of exercising. This method was called as ‘qigong’. Qigong is deemed to bi-function for a fitness developing and improving scheme and also as a springboard for superior martial arts. A set of qigong exercises has acted as ideal medicine oftentimes.
  • The Chinese herbs have something to provide in the event of common cold, flu, fever and flu etc.. Astragalus belongs to the pea family and is found to stabilize the immune system. Schisandra vine functions in a number of ways such as in preventing nausea, nausea, anxiety, aids in generating of fluids from the body. Echinacea is beat in preventing cold or flu. It’s a purple colored coneflower that stimulates the production of disease resistant white blood cells in the body. This however isn’t all. Chinese herbs and other remedies like exercises have a record-breaking importance in human life. They have mostly contributed to the upkeep of an ideal health.