Are you suffering from asthma? It’s pretty scary when you’re coughing and wheezing and struggling to breathe. There’s a good chance you have heard that traditional medical treatments for asthma may increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, disease, weight gain and osteoporosis. But did you know that non-steroidal bronchodilators can double your chance of experiencing a heart attack.

Take note

I’d love to share with you some safe, natural remedies that can virtually eliminate your need for dangerous drugs.

The Mind-Body Connection: For many years it has been known that there’s a psychosomatic component to asthma. That doesn’t mean it is all in your head, it means that one way of controlling powerful feelings would be to slow down your breathing and tighten up different muscles in your torso. Unfortunately this tightness can remain, weaken the immune system and can help bring on an asthma attack.

When part of you needs to express emotion and another part of you wants to hold it back in precisely the exact same time, it creates a tension lungs and chest.

Let’s understand it

The battle between these two powerful forces is known as emotional armoring. For a year before I became a therapist I researched Reichian therapy. Dr. Wilhelm Reich used movement and breathing to release emotions. Since that time, I’ve discovered that if you have emotional armoring from the lungs and lungs, it can’t just result in difficulty breathing but environmental allergies and asthma also. I also developed a remedy called chakra or discharge of feelings or CARE which gently releases chronic psychological congestion in the lungs which can lead to allergies and asthma to be chronic.

Once the armor is released, you can breathe more freely, your heart will be open and you will have a lot more energy. Along with CARE, there arenutritional supplementsfor asthma which are extremely effective. Diet and Nutritional supplements for asthma include: Vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, probiotics as well as the essential fatty acids in fish oil. Several studies have demonstrated that increasing vitamin C intake may improve lung function in people with asthma and offer a protective effect against exercise-induced asthma.Avoid all industrial milk products. They’re notorious for making asthma worse.


Studies have indicated that children with lower vitamin D levels were significantly more likely to have been hospitalized for asthma. Vitamin D has been associated with immune system and lung growth in utero, and studies show that high vitamin D intake by pregnant mothers reduces asthma risk by up to 40 percent in children 3 to 5 years old. Much like vitamin D, high vitamin E in intake has also been associated a lower frequency of allergic sensitivity. When you come in, I will arrange for you to have your vitamin D levels checked at a local laboratory.

If you receive your amounts to approximately 60 ng/ml, there is a strong likelihood — particularly if you combine it with exercise and balancing out your omega 3 and omega 6 fats you won’t experience the symptoms of asthma. Healthy Intestinal Flora: Antibiotic use early in life was associated with development of asthma. It’s believed that antibiotics make one vulnerable to development of asthma since they change gut flora and thus the immune system. An essential test is the extensive stool specimen test. A DNA scan is done of your bowel movement.

Final note

With this test, besides picking up bacterial infections, can determine which probiotics you are low in and begin supplementing them. To review, come in to see if you have any emotional armoring on your lungs, thymus gland or on mind. Get out it as soon as possible and keep out it. This often helps improve breathing immediately. Also, make arrangements to have your vitamin D and probiotic levels analyzed.

Chiropractic Adjustments: I may even check T3, the 3rd thoracic vertebra which houses the nerve supply to your lungs. Allergy Testing: Attacks can be avoided by avoiding triggering factors such as allergens. Continuous exposure to food or airborne allergies can lead to inflammation of the lungs and a weakening of the immune system. Build your immune system by coming in and having your allergies examined. Correcting the origin of the allergies and asthma will help alleviate this issue tremendously.