There are millions around the world who suffer from one or the other sort of allergies, particularly with the start of summer and spring seasons. Swollen red and teary eyes, rashes, sneezing, allergic rhinitis etc are a few of the allergic reactions that trouble such people and they require help of over the counter medications or prescriptions to become symptomatic relief in their allergies.


However, proponents of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consider that acupuncture might be a pure relief in cases of allergies because it appears into the causes of allergies and attempts to remove the root causes, thus bringing long term health benefits aside from removing the allergy. One difficulty with OTC drugs is they bring in several side effects in the deal without solving the root cause of allergies. Scientists agree that allergies are intense reactions to stimulants within the air which are harmless to most of us.


It is an ancient alternative system of healing which involves insertion of thin needles into a particular pints in the body of the individual in a bid to eliminate obstacles to free flow of life force or vital energy. As long as this life force is flowing easily without hindrance, the immune system of the man is functioning in an optimum way. But when this delicate balance gets angry, the immune system of a person doesn’t supply the necessary levels of protection causing a variety of allergies. Acupuncture aims to restore balance to the immune system of an individual by stimulating the points through which vital energy flows.

Runny stuffed nose, cough, bad throat, headaches, sneezing, tearful eyes, redness in eyes are a few of the symptoms of seasonal allergies which afflict countless men, women, and children in various areas of the world. These signs are sought to be controlled, instead eliminated, by treating the underlying causes through insertion of thin needles in the body of the individual at points that are particular to his symptoms and physical illness.

There are lots of meridians carrying vital energy in the body of a person. When there’s a crisscrossing of meridians, there’s a prospect of equilibrium of energy getting angry. Stimulating these points to eliminate obstacles to the passing of Qi, or the life energy, is the significant objective of acupressure.


It considers that allergies are a consequence of flaws arising from wei Qi, which can be called protective energy, and zhen Qi, the righteous energy of the body. Additionally, there’s something wrong with the digestive system of the body due to poor dietary intake which causes allergic reactions exhibited by someone. There’s a good variation in the points in the body of a person selected by a therapist in addition to the area covered by needles. This is because same allergic reaction could result from another underlying cause.