From early times, our professionals and sadhus have focused on the breath as the solution of problems within the body. Breath is a way by which air enters within our body. This atmosphere reaches to each and every tissues of our body so if we’ll breathe fresh and clean atmosphere, we’ll be away from any sort of medication and therapy. Because of the advancement of technologies we can’t escape living in polluted atmosphere.

Healthy breath

Because of which we’re facing lot many respiratory ailments everyday. Of asthmatic and allergic patients is growing day by day. There are numerous solutions for these ailments, the majority of them involving heavy drugs. But apart from medicines there are methods that do not include any medications and are safe and natural. One of which is the acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture treatment is a really ancient process that was practiced in china as well as other Asian nations. Acupuncture believes that a positive energy flow throughout our body.

This energy flows along the pathways within the body called as meridians. There are a lot of meridians within our body, each of which is specific to specific organs and affects it in negative or positive way. Acupuncture considers that any respiratory disease is caused as a result of the disruptions in the energy pathways. This disturbance is then mended by this procedure.


The practice of acupuncture is accomplished by inserting needles in the body components. These needles are inserted to the particular acupuncture points lying on the meridians. These needles are kept within the body for a while. During this it is possible to feel numbness in limbs. During insertion a tingling sensation is observed. This remains for a little time only. After a while of insertion patient starts feeling comfortable and comfort because needles entered inside begins their functioning. Their pinch stimulates muscle contraction and relaxation that then enhances blood flow. Acupuncture for your respiratory system was demonstrated to be very valuable as it finds out the main cause of the issue then strategy is developed so. This doesn’t include any unwanted effects of conventional medicines.


this is an allergic reaction to certain allergens such as pollens, dust, odor, etc., it may be of non allergic and chronic type too. Acupuncture causes glands secretion, equilibrium of neurotransmission and sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system, reduces allergic reactions and so repairing entire respiratory system. It finally reduces frequency and intensity of asthmatic attacks over a time period.

Pulmonary disease

medicated by balancing respiratory process, increasing circulation and increasing energy of the human body. It strengthens the body immune system to prevent additional attack of diseases.


it’s caused as a result of injury of lung cells. Although acupuncture can’t repair those cells but it allows free air circulation in the rest of the tissue to keep them healthy. This should be repeated periodically for a long term benefit.


Acupuncture is quite safe and medical care treatment, but it’s quite important that your acupuncturist is an experienced individual. There are a variety of cases reported where because of a lack of experience needles added have contributed to the deadly diseases in the patients. Therefore before going to some acupuncturist, make certain about his credibility and work experience. Acupuncturist should be an educated one particularly about the human anatomy and physiology. The acupuncture treatment although famous, hasn’t attained everywhere in this world, still there are nations who lack experienced practitioners in this area. So be argued then step ahead, after all this is the question of your health.