Modern medical science are extremely quick to blame physical problems like faulty genes, bad viruses or bacterial infections on cancer but this isn’t so. All cancers are due to our modern way of living, particularly with the foods we now eat so does not it make sense to create some important lifestyle changes and enable the body to heal.

Take note

Here are some vital modifications to make to help cure cancer with no returning again.

  • Deal with all the aspects that first led to the cancer, as opposed to simply treating symptoms as with our three mainstream ways of remedies today.
  • Change your diet to eat just fresh produce rather than processed foods. Today we’ve traded farmers markets for supermarket.
  • Eat a number of color of fresh fruit and vegetables due to the cancer fighting properties they contain.
  • Change to a plant based diet as all natural or alternative cancer treatments are vegetarian based.
  • Avoid cooking with high heat much like skillet and barbeques, they create cancerous chemicals.
  • Avoid smoked and pickled foods, these also produce dangerous compounds.
  • Eliminate refined sugar, it is the organic food for cancer cells, they thrive on it. This includes artificial sweeteners that aren’t even food.
  • Eliminate salt, many organic diets forbid it.
  • Cut back on alcohol, perhaps only a little red wine.
  • Exercise regular, it’s crucially important since it strengthens the immune system.
  • Go natural with personal care products; commercial ones are filled with nasty chemicals.
  • Have a positive outlook; negativity affects the entire body as it weakens the immune system.
  • No medications, medicinal or recreational, they’re artificial substances.
  • Don’t use toxic products in your house like fly sprays and mosquito coils.
  • Put live house plants in your home, especially in the rooms you spend the majority of your time. They purify the air naturally.
  • Do what you enjoy doing and do it everyday.
  • Don’t forget to rest and receive an adequate amount of sleep per night. The body should recharge everyday.
  • Go and see an undeveloped country where they do not get cancer but make sure to eat the food that they consume. Or have a rest in the environment that gave you the cancer in the first location.
  • Get some sunlight or use a vitamin D supplement if that is not feasible. A little sunshine does not cause cancer but helps heal it.
  • Keep a journal, and record every evaluation and result you receive. Be proactive about your health.
  • Breathe deeply for two or three minutes everyday. Inhaling and exhaling fully.
  • Supplement with vitamin C, some therapists recommend up to 10 grams per day.
  • Seek a physiological counsellor for those who have a stress related issue.
  • Treat yourself to a massage once weekly.
  • Be happy, find entertainment that makes you laugh.


Humour has a physiological impact and can stimulate the immune system. It’s essential to support your immune system since the only thing standing between you and the effective cure of cancer is the immune system. The human body is a powerful self healing organism and only you can trigger that through those changes. There’s absolutely not any such thing as one cause for any health problem including cancer. Cancer is a slow growing disease initially and almost everything I’ve mentioned above results in it.