Alkaline water is water which has a pH that’s above 7 at the 1-14 pH scale. The water is better to drink so as to hydrate your body. The fantastic side with it is that it passes through the digestive tract without being absorbednonetheless, the minerals in the water increase the pace at which the water is absorbed through the body.

Good to know

This guarantees that you hydrate your body by drinking only little amounts of water. The water also contains anti-oxidants that combat chemicals that bring about premature aging. The antioxidants also kill compounds that tend to harm the immune cells. The final result is that you have a stronger immune system. You also tend to look young for quite a long time. The liquid also brings about a balance in the pH levels in the gut.

Most of the beverages that people take are highly acidic and because of this there are high levels of acids in the human body. When you drink alkaline water you generally reduce the acidic levels and because of this you balance the acidity levels in the body.


Researchers have discovered that the water is ideal in treating several conditions like diabetes, asthma, obesity, infectious disorders, liver ailments, and gastroduodenal ulcers. On account of the benefits that have the water it’s vital that you learn how to create it. The first thing you will need to do is to discover a water source which has calcium and magnesium. The importance of having these minerals is to enable you to exploit the energy found in them.

Once you’ve located the water then you need to pour it into a water ionizer that will send power through the water. Once the procedure is complete you need to run the water through a reverse osmosis water filter which will remove acidic contaminants in the water. You then need to add pH boosting supplements and baking soda to the water.

Final note

The intent of baking soda is to decrease the acidity. This is what you will need to know about alkaline water. You should keep in mind that some acidity is important in the proper functioning of the digestive tract; hence, when preparing the water you need to make sure that it is not purely alkaline. If you can not make the water on your own, it is recommended that you purchase already made water. When buying always make certain you get it from a reputable shop.