Did you know that there are countless individuals prone to contract Angular Cheilitis and not conscious of it? On the other side of the spectrum, there are a few million people trying to find a solution to heal Angular Cheilitis. In this guide we answer that very question.

Angular Cheilitis

However, to give an effective answer we have to start by discussing what Angular Cheilitis really is. Angular Cheilitis is a skin condition that affects the corners of the mouth and skin from over the mouth and under it. In the course of time, Angular Cheilitis causes painful sores to appear from the borders of your mouth and below the lips. Once it reaches this stage in the process it was commonly known as mouth ulcers. Now that we have a fundamental comprehension of what Angular Cheilitis is, it’s ideal to describe the sorts of people prone to contract and also suffer with the virus.

Did you know that people who overly perspiration are highly prone to contract Angular Cheilitis? Generally these individuals contract the status by keeping excess sweat and saliva within the skin folds, close to the mouth. Are you one of those individuals? A fast way to help slow down Angular Cheilitis from forming would be to dry out these particular areas with a dry cloth. You also need to pay special attention to your sweat levels and keep in areas that are cool, if at all possible.

Take into account

If you wear dentures there’s a high probability you’re okay to Angular Cheilitis. Individuals who have had their teeth pulled and consequently wear dentures detect their mouth closes more than needed. At these times, deformation of the skin is very likely to occur. When the skin deforms, cracks near the folds of the mouth usually follow. Where ever folds and cracks develop, moisture is very likely to seep in, making Angular Cheilitis an unfortunate event.

The situation gets exasperated if the dentures do not fit well. Excess saliva develops as a result of improper fitting of the dentures, raising the probability of the virus to stay longer even while being treated. The elderly population is a prime goal for the Angular Cheilitis virus. Because of the natural development of age, the immune system declines in strength.

Final note

For this variable alone, the ability to resist diseases becomes harder. Additionally, the elderly are usually those using dentures and are at higher risk from suffering from the illness. This may come as a shocker to you, but kids and babies are highly prone to contract Angular Cheilitis. Because of their age, they are quite sensitive to bacteria and fungi, so they can easily become victims of the condition. To stop the damages Cheilitis triggers, be certain that your little one includes a balanced diet and lip balm they could use in cold weather.