Our minds are bombarded daily with incoming stimulation which have the capacity to move us. Stress has become an accepted part of our existence. We are living in the”era of anxiety” and for the more complicated individual, it’s known as angst. Pharmaceutical drugs are increasingly rising, and being prescribed to a lot of young adults developing a dependency in a young age and resulting in serious side effects that require more pharmaceutical drugs.


Eastern teachings use their own psychic screening called meditation. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, improves happiness, raises self-esteem, strengthens the immune system, improves the functioning of the brain, and slows down the aging procedure. Meditation does so by stimulating brain waves. Brain waves are at the origin of all our ideas and emotions, and consequently our behavior. If we take charge of our brain waves, we take charge of our reality. We can literally become the masters of our fate, rewrite our subconscious programming, and consciously make the person we would like to become.

You do not have to meditate for years so as to enter the identical level of consciousness that monks do. There are binaural sounds you can hear this set you in various brain waves. I suggest Kelly Howell’s Scared Ground that move you into different level of consciousness. We’re in beta when we are awake, participated in logical tasks, justification, and exercising judgement.

Beta waves

These are crucial for problem solving, and reacting to the world. However, beta is also related to stress, anxiety, and feeling wired. All states which are emotionally fast paced ineffective for managing the complexities of the world. You can not respond to a stressful lifestyle by being in a stressful condition or brain wave. Alpha is often called the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. It’s related to comfort, calmness, being grounded, and may be known to be relaxed and aroused at the same time. The term alpha male and female refer to the brain wave, rather than the beta wave we’re led to believe.

Alpha waves

These improve concentration, learning and memory. There’s fantastic program called the Silva Mind Control Method that uses alpha waves and guided imagery to rewire the subconscious mind. Your deep seated beliefs, programming and subconscious patterns reside in theta. The boundary between alpha and theta is the perfect choice for reprogramming your subconscious mind and for visualization. People who practice the law of attraction enter the alpha-theta range and imagine the future they would like to manifest.

Hypnotists can achieve extraordinary results in self transformation by placing their customers from the theta state and using guided imagery. Theta can be experienced as profound relaxation, and known as that moment you enter REM. In theta, there’s a profound oneness between yourself and other beings. Delta waves are related to the deepest conditions comfort, recovery, recovery, and said to be the bridge between the conscious and universal mind. As babies we were frequently in delta, however, as we age we often go there less. That could be connected to a lot of factors like our lifestyle, diet, smoking/drinking customs, and psychological patterns.


Your capacity to enter delta and rejuvenate yourself is directly liked to your immune system. Lighting generates gamma waves and so does your mind, though they’re different. Gamma waves in the brain are related to peak performance, and superb learning and can be known as the sensation of being blessed or with grace. Experienced monks have stated that gamma waves contribute to compassion, unbelievable memory, and impeccable self-discipline. People who are depressed are usually suffering from low gamma waves. By meditating three times daily for 15-20 minutes, you can significantly improve your joy, self-esteem, and rewire you mind for success. In my experience, the best technique I discovered is to place myself at the alpha-theta state, and imagine the sort of person I wish to be and the future I wish to create, and behave like it has already occurred. The brain can not tell the difference between a real experience and one vividly imagined. Use it to create the reality you desire.