Do you want the greatest disease fighting weapon? It may take on germs and viruses however often they mutate. This remarkable weapon fights off mutant cells, foreign things and cancer cells. The actual fact is: you already have this weapon at your disposal at this time, and it’s your immune system.

Immune system

Your immune system is made of multiple components and is highly intricate and sophisticated. Additionally, it is your best line of defense against threats such as viruses and bacteria that would otherwise destroy your cells. It struggles many landlords every day as you go about your usual routine. You do not even notice because it fights off threats to your health, that is how powerful it is.

With health scares such as the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu H1N1 and Flu season generally, and antibiotic resistant bacteria surfacing annually it is important now, more than to be shielded. Nobody else can shield you from disease, so it is important you take every single action you can to stay safe this year, and each season.

Take safe action

Washing your hands often (the soap does not even need to be anti-bacterial, recall, viruses are different than bacteria-but either one will slip off when you use soap) Especially before you eat, prepare meals, apply makeup or use your tooth brush. ALWAYS use your elbow instead. Germs are spread most readily through others touching themand then touching their face or their meals. Your elbow rarely touches other surfaces throughout your day.

Getting enough sleep is also a secure activity, as when your body has sufficient rest, it is better able to fend off problems. Like all areas of the body, your immune system needs fuel to run on. There are numerous simple ways to help boost your immunity, and none of them are dangerous or expensive.


The first way is by supplementing with vitamins. Vitamin C is the most popular immunity booster, and though it’s found in foods that you might like, like oranges, kiwis, and other citrus fruits it is still advisable to supplement with it to make certain you get at least 1,000 milligrams every day. Vitamin C is water soluble, so it’s difficult to get ‘too much’.

Vitamin D is another huge immunity booster. It’s easy and cheap to utilize vitamin D3 pills. These tablets are tiny, about the size of a slice of corn and are so cheap, it can be under 5 cents a day to use it. The study on Vitamin D is so important that Canada is recommending it to the population to help prevent against swine flu.


When your body is in great shape, your immune system is not distracted by pre-existing issues. The most effective ways to maximize your wellbeing include getting enough sleep every night, preventing as much anxiety as possible, and consuming a diet of healthy foods. Eating maximum-health foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean free-range meat can actually help you out.

Not only do they give you more energy to your day, but they also supply the nutrients that your immune system should help keep you safe. These nutrients also have trace minerals (things you only require a very small amount of, but which are important none-the-less!) Trace minerals include selenium, boron, magnesium, copper and zinc. Leafy greens, fruits and vegetables get these from the dirt and send them to you.

Keep in mind

Want to raise the nutrition of the foods you like to eat? However healthy some foods are, you do not need to eat them at every meal. Broccoli for breakfast? Bell Peppers for dessert? Nobody wants that. But what if you could raise the nutrition of foods you like to eat? You could add salt and boron to your oatmeal, yogurt or cereal for breakfast. You could add wholesome omega-3 oil (usually found in fish) to your sandwich at lunch, without ever touching a fish.

You might even add the identical protein found in meats to non-meat dishes. You might not have heard of those miniature, flavorless seeds before. However, they are one of natures’ authentic super-foods. They have more calcium by weight than milk, more calcium than broccoli and are packaged with the identical protein found in meat. They also are a great source of Omega 3 healthful fiber and oil to help your digestive health.


Because the seeds do not dilute flavors or have a taste of their own, you can add them to any food. When you take safe actions and enhance your immune system with healthy foods and vitamins you are not as likely to become sick. No matter how frightening the information makes the most recent health hazard out to be, your immune system is the best defense. Keep it in top form and you will feel better year-round!