In present time, more people suffer from severe mental instability and depression. Even if a large number of over the counter drugs and prescriptions can be found, still most of them always prove ineffective against these problems. Ancient Chinese customs have a potential and sure solution for those issues – Qigong, also declared a s’chee-gung’.


This system of meditation has its origins planted deep in Chinese culture and customs. As in present time, this practice can also be regarded as a complementary form of treatment against many medical problems. In the initial stages when practicing Qigong, you might discover that relieving ailments like depression, stress and mental disabilities are just a few beneficial elements.

To get its maximum advantage, it’s important to get acquainted with the perfect technique which ought to be followed. It’s even more important to become acquainted with ideal seating posture and stances for the best results.

  • When practicing, concentrate on correct seats and standing postures – This can be considered as one of the most essential fundamentals for this technique. Perfect stances can always help you remove chronic tension and boost your energy level. This variable becomes important as it also boosts the immune system of the body. Always make sure that when practicing, your body is well balanced and your feet are firmly set on the ground.
  • Shifting very frequently – This is 1 meditation that needs you to switch stances frequently. The simple fact is that this change over of stances is what helps your body release enormous amounts of energy. For our body these motions are important since the majority of the works important for our body can only be achieved when it is in motion. Among the best ways to keep it healthy is to attempt to maintain well balanced condition of rest and movement.
  • Maintaining your internal sensation – This is 1 meditation artwork that focuses on your internal sensations and feelings. It’s all about touching the inner part of you that is your spiritual part. By simply focusing on your spiritual part, it is easy to control all functions of your mind. This is one technique most people today make use of to achieve a state of psychological meditation.
  • Inhale and exhale – Qigong is the art that focuses more on your own breathing methods. It’s only possible to attain that state of meditation if your brain has complete control over your breathing. Maintaining a perfect breathing in and out rhythm is the key component for doing best Qigong meditation. The simple fact is that, it’s only possible for anybody to remain on the source of energy of life if one is connected to the deeper portion of the sensation.


Human body is embodied with energy and soul. It’s only once you try and activate this portion of your soul and mind; you have to remain on the universe and your surroundings. It’s certainly this energy which everyone in the world is sharing in common with one another. Understanding and getting acquainted with this awareness is only the start of Qigong meditation.