Jim visited America’s best 78 traveling destinations to come across the best hotel/fitness-venue combinations. Could you tell us something about yourself Jim and what provoked you into writing about the top resort and fitness venue mixes? Over time, I traveled quite a bit for work and pleasure.

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In addition to finding places to stay that fit my budget and amenity preferences, I tried to identify resorts that offered good exercise choices. However, again and again, I would appear at the hotel and find that the state of the art gym was a closet-sized room with old or broken equipment. Or, the lap pool was a brief oval without lane lines. Or, the running paths consisted of a map provided by the concierge that led guests to run around the streets of the resort 10 times.

It boggled my mind these resorts could create such blatant misrepresentations. So, I decided to write the initial cross-country manual that objectively urges the BEST places to stay for people who enjoy healthy living and staying fit. Do you feel that if couples are searching for an excellent romantic escape they should also take into consideration the exercise facilities, and if so, why? I think everyone should take under account the quality of the exercise centers including couples on a romantic getaway.


Exercise not only helps boost your immunity system, lower anxiety, and improve your sleeping habits; it also helps your sex life. Studies have shown that healthy individuals have better sex and are inclined to be happier. And, I believe it’s important to highlight that when I say exercise,I’m not referring to one hour of hardcore jogging or lifting weights in the gym- 20 minutes of brisk walking can do just fine. If you had to name 5 perfect romantic getaway hospitality properties which combine a distinctive romantic ambience with wonderful fitness centers, which ones do you choose and why?

  • San Francisco is one of my favourite romantic cities–the bridge, the fog, the rain, the restaurants, and the cultural offerings produce a perfect platform for a beautifully romantic excursion. Any of the SFO resorts in my book would be great fitness/romance mixes, but the Hotel Rex is the best deal for the price. A small, romantic hotel property just steps from Union Square and China Town, Rex also provides guests with a discounted pass to a fantastic (but modest ) gym down the road, Club One.
  • If money is no object, The Miraval Spa and Resort in Tucson is a marvelous escape for couples looking to remain healthy and be pampered.
  • For those looking to add a bit more party to their excursion, Miami’s South Beach hotels are full of romance. The Shore Club, Delano, Ritz and National are all in the book, bestowing a great deal of love and liveliness for their guests.
  • Colorado Springs’ Broadmoor Hotel is a stunning hotel beset by tranquil lakes and mountain scene. Broadmoor’s Fitness Center and Spa is well-equipped with modern machines and a regulation lap pool. And, the neighboring paths create excellent jogging and mountain biking opportunities.
  • New York City can not be left off the love list. Several properties make exceptional romantic destinations, but Le Parker Meridien, across the street from Central Park, tops my list. It’s NYC, so expect small yet cozy hotel rooms. The Nordic taste, tremendous views, and extensive on-site gym make it among the best.

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Why should couples worry about fitness activities when they’re away on a romantic getaway or on their honeymoon? Exercising for just 20-30 minutes per day make it possible for you to start the day healthy and help you make better decisions throughout the remainder of the day. Then, enjoying little indulgences like your favourite slice of pie or a couple of cocktails or sitting around by the pool for six hours won’t appear to be a big deal. Don’t forget about that improved sex also!

How do we determine the amount, quality, and brand of exercise equipment at recommended hotels if we have been there? Purchase the Athletic-Minded Traveler (laughs). Besides providing a detailed written review covering what you need to know (room look, room service, free breakfast buffets, sheet thread-count, etc.) about every property, we also specifically detail in graph form the amount of exercise machines, their condition, the manufacturers, weight/strength possibilities, pool measurements, running paths, etc.. Butif you are going to a town that is not covered in the book, the best you can do is call up the concierge and ask him/her your precise questions.


Sometimes it even helps to confirm with the care employees. Very often when we holiday we look to return home completely relaxed, however very much out of shape. How can we avoid this? Make exercise part of your everyday routine, exactly like showering or brushing your teeth. When you consider it, 20 minutes isn’t that much time in any respect. Especially while on a holiday, if you don’t need to be worried about going to work and all the other hassles in your home. There’s always a temptation to overeat if we are on holiday.

How can we fight this off temptation while at the same time enjoy ourselves? Like I was saying earlier, exercise will make it possible for you to not fret so much over what you are eating and drinking. You might end up taking in more calories, but being active and exercising should help burn off those off fairly easily. Are there any food we ought to avoid if we are on holiday and if so, why? Vacation is supposed to be a break from all that troubles and worries you, right?


When I go away, I love to eat the local food and experience the regional customs without worries about how many calories are in my dinner, etc.. Knowing that I completed my everyday workout reassures me that whatever I take in will be exercised that same day or another. So, no, do not be worried about avoiding certain foods–just be sure that you get in a daily sweat. Is there anything else you want to add? Only that I’ve been really touched by the lot of individuals who have written us saying they are so happy we wrote this book because they also were frustrated by the travel industry’s ignorance regarding fitness tastes. Letters and emails have come from hard-core athletes and recreational exercisers who just like to put in 20 minutes on a fantastic elliptical machine or bicycle. Our goal all along was simply to offer a trusted source that will help people enjoy a healthy lifestyle while on the road. Up to now, it appears that we have succeeded.