If you are a weight-training enthusiast, then no doubt you understand the advantages to be gained from building strong muscles. But, is cardio training component of your workout, too? If it is not, you should think about adding it to your routine.

Let’s see…

Weight training coupled with cardiovascular workouts provides a nearly ideal combination for keeping you healthy and fit. Let’s look at seven reasons to incorporate cardio training into your workout. Cardio training is good for your heart – The higher heart rate you will achieve during your cardio workout will improve the state of your lungs and heart, by training your heart to pump more blood in fewer beats and your lungs to move more oxygen with less effort.

The improvement you will gain on your cardiovascular health will lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and improve your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Aim for 30-60 minutes at least 3 days per week to be able to get the best results for improving your heart. Cardio training will help improve muscle mass – Yes, it is true – You will need strength training to gain muscle, but the thirty minutes spent on these elliptical trainers will help improve your muscle mass, also, particularly if you combine both within an interval training program.

Did you know?

By going back and forth between cardio training and weight training, you’re working your muscles and then letting them relax many times through a workout, which will enhance your ability to create that great toned appearance. Moreover, regular aerobic exercise results in the capillaries in your muscles to grow, which permits them to eliminate waste, such as lactic acid, from your body more readily.

This will help enhance the health of your muscles, and reduce muscle soreness after your workout. Cardio Training Burns Fat – Adding four thirty minute cardio sessions per week for your current training program can allow you to rev up your fat burning capacity. The fat loss you may see will help your toned muscles be even more noticeable. Cardio Training Revs Up Your Metabolism – In addition to the fat you’ll burn during your workout, routine cardiovascular training will raise your metabolism for hours after your workout, too, assisting you to maximize fat loss daily.

Immune system

Your Immune System Can Improve – People who spend half an hour in cardiovascular exercise at least three times a week are less likely to catch colds and other viral illnesses. It’s thought that aerobic exercise improves your immune system, which makes it better able to fight off disease. Your Mental State Will Improve – Cardio training causes your brain to release endorphins, the body’s natural high. Endorphins act as natural painkillers and stress reducers.

You’re Likely To Live Longer – The New England Journal of Medicine has found a direct link between regular exercise and endurance. What Cardio Training Is Best? So, now that I’ve convinced you that you need cardio training, just what sort of aerobic exercise is best? Well, most experts concur that running provides the most effective aerobic exercise bang for the buck, in terms of fat burning. Plus, running strengthens your legs better than most other aerobic exercise.

Final note

Another advantage is that, besides a fantastic pair of sneakers, no special equipment is necessary for jogging, and you can do it almost anywhere. Experts recommend that you start with 20-minute sessions and work your way up to 30-40 minute runs. However, running does have its drawbacks. It’s especially hard on the knees, which makes it a tricky game to continue, as you get older. There are numerous other cardiovascular exercises that offer great benefit for those people who don’t manage running very well.

Elliptical trainers appear to be among the best choices for those whose knees can not handle running. Elliptical machines offer the same great aerobic benefit, but minus the stress on the knees. There are many terrific trainers to select from, and you’ll discover elliptical trainer reviews on several exercise websites. Whatever sort of cardiovascular exercise you choose, you’re certain to find an increased advantage in your health and fitness with the addition of aerobic exercise into your regimen. With only a little additional effort added to your workout, you should see noticeable results very quickly!