A couch potato means somebody who spends most of their time sitting or lying in bed, frequently in front of a tv. The expression “mouse ,” on the other hand, describes someone similarly idle, but in front of a computer instead. Both expressions have something related to idleness and a lifestyle with hardly any or no physical activity in any way.

Let’s see…

The terms “couch potato” and “mouse potato” are terms related to the sedentary lifestyle caused chiefly by the widespread use of the computers and television. It’s a deadly way of life, as being sedentary has been strongly linked to diseases which are, paradoxically, preventable. Among such diseases are cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression and stress, and colon cancer.

You might want to steer clear of the sofa whenever you can. In actuality, preventing being sedentary can help you live more by rewarding you with two huge advantages: prevention of muscular degeneration and a increase on your body’s natural defense mechanisms. Basia, the Polish singer, used to fill the airwaves with one of her hit songs entitled “Promises.”

A few lines from this song is apt to the discussion :”Here and now is all that it is about. Let’s use this, or we will lose it.” Needless to say, Basia was talking about love and time, but the warning against losing something if that something goes unused is a warning both applicable to muscles. Unused, your muscles will”melt” The medical term for such occurrence is muscle atrophy.

Muscular degeneration

It occurs commonly among people who live sedentary lives. When you do not use your muscles, your body will feel they’re safe to consume as energy. And, the simple fact is that your body will really consume your muscles as energy resources as soon as your muscles are no longer employed. The only way to preserve your muscles would be to use them frequently. In other words, get off your butt that seat –for at least 30 minutes each day, five times a week–and sweat it out. Exercise or exercising is the only way to prevent muscle loss.

Your body’s natural defenses protect you from easily getting sick. There are three elements for maintaining your body’s defense always up and powerful. The first is to eat a balanced diet. The next is to have enough rest. The third is to remain physically fit. It’s in this third part where you’ll have the opportunity to overcome your tendency to be sedentary–or at least to compensate for a job which needs you to be sedentary.


Studies have shown that physical fitness and immunity do have a correlation. Studies have shown that the immune system strengthens during moderate exercise, however, the increase returns to normal levels following the exercise. Yet, that temporary lift in the immune system was proven to reduce disease susceptibility in the long term. What does all these mean?

To start with, people that are physically fit are less prone to diseases than those that are physically unfit. Second, exercise is an integral element for keeping yourself physically healthy. And, third, exercise needs to be done regularly so that your immune system may reap the benefits. With strong commitment and a positive attitude, it is easy to stay clear of becoming sedentary and reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. If you always bear in mind the twin advantages of not being a couch potato, you’ll have a strong reason to not heed your sofa’s siren call.